1. Candace Owens isn't a token black woman. To a certain extent she is a race grifter because IMHO as a black woman and centrist, she uses her race and the idea that black people aren't conservative/centrist (when most in the world actually are) to be relevant in American political commentary. Tokenism, IMHO, would be more exploitative and it's more like what liberals in the US do.

  2. Multiple videos per week is how you grow your channel. Unfortunately it's only possible for people in the commentary/story telling and gaming space because that relies mostly on using other people's creations (articles, tweets, pictures, videos, stories and so on) for content.

  3. Only if there's a black person or gay person in his comic book/disney movies. Then he will make a bunch of videos about how woke it is before anyone has actually watched it.

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