1. In appreciation of travelling cabbage merchants everywhere I'd like to highlight my favorite cabbage recipe: okinomiyaki- basically a savory cabbage pancake thats an excuse/platform to shovel all kinds of yummy sauces and toppings and still claim (lie) that you're eating healthy because it's cabbage based.

  2. The texture grosses me out, but so does natto. Guess it’s another acquired taste, or maybe just not meant for someone with 500 texture issues

  3. Every time I buy cabbage for a recipe I try to find the smallest little malformed cabbage I can otherwise I have to eat cabbage in some form every day for a week.

  4. I remember him just minding his own business and getting his cart wrecked by aang trying to escape or smth. He was in the middle of the street tho

  5. This is true. My husband asked me to make cabbage the other day and I had to turn him down cuz who the hell is buying and eating a whole cabbage? Not me.

  6. I don't eat it as a snack, but I feel like it is so versitle I never have problems getting through a head. Toss it into a salad, use it as a sandwich topping, roast it in the oven, sauteed it in a stir fry, make a slaw 🤷‍♀️

  7. Last night I made cabbage rolls! I streamed the cabbage leaves so they’d be flexible, then rolled up a scoop of venison mix (ground venison, sautéed mushrooms/onions/garlic/carrots, red wine), then baked in 1” of broth for 45 min in a Dutch oven.

  8. There's so many things to do with cabbage, even if you don't like the taste you can add it to things with strong flavor, personally I make tacos and home made pork dumplings.

  9. Man I'm not a fan of cabbage and I don't like coleslaw, because growing up I only saw it made with mayo and it looks gross to me. But there's this Mexican/Salvadoran restaurant near where I used to live that makes amazing pupusas, and they come with this vinegar-based slaw that is used as a topping. It's delicious, it's tangy and spicy and provides a really interesting flavor/temperature contrast to the pupusa. Sometimes I'm tempted to make the 4 hour drive to visit family so I can stop there on the way home... There's a pupusa restaurant like 10 minutes from me but it's not the same.

  10. It takes a lot of time to be that wasteful we should share it with our neighbors or learn to preserved it better

  11. Pro tip: peel off each cabbage leaf instead of cutting through the whole thing. Lasts ten times as long

  12. Just make a bunch of little things, and stick the cabbage in it. I add it to stir fry, make Cole slaw, put it in tacos instead of lettuce, added shredded cabbage to burgers instead of lettuce. I've added it to risotto, and salsas. Honestly, a head of cabbage lasts forever, and can go into anything.

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