1. 1000%. its impossible to buy any pants that I don't have to wear above my belly button. High rise anything doesn't look good on me.. my torso is so short as it is. And shirts... Jesus is everything sheer lately? I have been mostly wearing band shirts cause I cant find anything that actually looks nice on me. Its either sheer or hits my gut in a weird way while being loose on my boobs. I really don't understand what's happening lately

  2. Ugh yes to the sheer… I can’t stand to layer so sheer doesn’t work for me. Seems as if there are a lot of crop tops out there too and I can’t wear those to work, and choose to not wear them outside of work. AND… pants! I feel like everything is made for someone 5’10! I’m only 5’1!

  3. Yes! It’s always sheer, thin material and either strapless/super thin straps! So there’s no way any kind of bra is going to work, and braless is not appropriate for like 90% of situations.

  4. I'm the opposite and somehow exactly the same. i have a very long torso for my waist size and want super high waisted things to shorten it up, but everything either fits my ass and nowhere else, or fits my waist and its way too short on my legs and on the high waist. i wear a lot of baggy things rn. the grunge band t shirt look is easy to get right

  5. I actually have the opposite problem, I have a fat ass (literally) and can't find any pants that cover more than 60% of my backside, it's even worse with underwear! I'm in the Netherlands

  6. Omg, absolutely yes. I feel like partially it’s that I’ve gotten pickier as I get older, and partially it’s just that things have gotten worse. I’ve noticed this especially with more affordable stores like H&M and Zara - I used to find some actually really nice items there like 5-10 years ago (some of which are still in my closet) but now I feel like both of them are just awful. Nothing fits, the materials feel so bad, and I hate most of the styles. You can tell they’re basically meant to be tossed after one wear. Expensive brands are better but still hard honestly.

  7. Totally agree! You have to remember that it’s the clothes that are messed up, not you. I’m no expert, but I would guess the strange sizing has to do with fast fashion/quick turnover of trends in clothing stores. I thrift most of my clothing now just so they’ll fit right.

  8. I have been feeling this for awhile now. High waisted jeans are to blame. They look horrible on me and finding mid rise is proving impossible. Then the shirts are all cropped because they fit best with high waist but nothing else. On top of this sizing is so inconsistent I get defeated. I have put on covid weight and haven’t been able to figure out my new size as every pant I’ve tried on is a different size.

  9. My boyfriend asked me the other day what size I wear and I laughed at him and said "where? What type of clothing?" And he was so puzzled and then said "uh pants from anywhere" and I started rattling off sizes... his face was priceless.

  10. Most fast fashion ítems will not fit perfectly off the rack. For a perfect-fitting piece of clothing it mostly comes down to luck or custom tailoring.

  11. Tbh, while they're a lot more effort, I've found thrift stores to be a lifesaver recently. So many old clothes that have sensible fits (or at least more sensible than what I can find) and much better quality. Some of them could probably do with some light tailoring but it's worth it imo

  12. Yep. I'm an emotional undereater and lost a bit of weight during covid lockdown. I also work in retail and I'm a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to clothing.

  13. Same! The only decent quality dress I have that actually fits me is from the 2000’s and the brand doesnt even exist anymore

  14. yup! especially with Zara and other fast brands, who make their clothes for tall skinny women. i recently saw a tik tok that talked about how companies do it purposefully so you buy and only wear things once and then buy more and more items. It’s a cycle and leads to overconsumption

  15. Honestly I’m a tall skinny woman and their clothes don’t fit me either. They’re made for an “average” skinny-ish person, but average also means it won’t fit most people.

  16. I've started noticing this coulpe years ago and I honestly don't know who clothes made rn are for. It's not even a matter of size, they're just not made that well.

  17. I really dislike the trend right now of trapeze style or babydoll dresses/tops, so hard to find something flattering

  18. I’ve noticed that this summer hardly had any normal clothes. I love that there are some weird or revealing pieces but I just want a good fitting tshirt that’s not a band it doesn’t say something stupid on it. Just that

  19. I've always had such good luck with solid colored, v neck tees from Target, but this year their clothes were awful. Everything cropped or cut outs. I just want a normal t-shirt that isn't cropped and doesn't have a stupid phrase or picture on the front. It seems impossible.

  20. Agreed. Honestly some of the clothes that fit me best I’ve found at thrift stores. And you can find some good quality shit! And if it’s not good quality, we’ll you didn’t spend much money on it.

  21. Experience has taught me to invest in classics, like classic dark blue and black cigarette pants with high waist in a wool mixture, fine knits in neutrals and basic button-down shirts, and a few neutral dresses in different styles for different occasions; Learn how to fix clothes, all you need is your hands and some time; it helped me a lot when my mom taught me to fix my clothes to fit me better. It takes practice but it is worth it. I totally recommend getting classics only, like the french style capsule wardrobe, which does not have to be expensive, but quality and durability matter in the long run.

  22. I have always dressed like this and with my recent weight gain I need new pieces. I haven’t been able to find any pants that fit me properly in over a year. Classic cuts are now super high waisted and make me look horrible. Neutral knits are cropped and no longer investment pieces. I feel so frustrated almost every time I’m at mall.

  23. Yup! This whole structured-boob-space trend is doing me n my massive tits in. Just want to wear cute n trendy clothes w/out quadraboob :^(

  24. Yes! Clothing has gotten so ugly in recent years. I only have a few pieces that actually look good on me so I stick to them as much as possible. It’s just unflattering and also I have a theory that fashion has turned into “this looks good on this model BECAUSE she can pull it off” and then it’s considered a trend. When everyone else tries to wear it it’s not flattering on us. I am over trying to chase trends. I just want stuff that looks good on my body, that’s it! Plus I suspect that clothing manufacturing has gotten cheaper and cheaper in recent years and so very little is being put into how good something actually looks on a person, more so this was cheap to make and it falls into a trend.

  25. Everything I buy is too big or two small, never just right :l I looked at a size chart the other day and straight size XL was a 32" waist burns plus 1X was 35".... im 34" but short so if i size up to plus it's big and way too long :/

  26. Every fashion brand has their own live “fit model.” It’s the model they use when deciding what is a size 10, or 12, or 20. Every persons body shape is different, even if they are the same “size.” One size 12 might be pear shaped, another apple shaped, etc. The difference in fit models is often why one brand’s size 12 fits you perfectly and another’s fits terribly. The trick is to find the brand whose fit model matches your body type, which you can really only find out through trial and error. I’m super bummed because a store I loved had a fit model that must have been shaped exactly like me because everything I put on from them fit perfectly. They closed though and now none of the other stores have clothes that fit the same way.

  27. The fit right now are terrible! It’s like everything is meant to be boxy and oversized, which is not my style. It’s like nothing has any curves, it’s all geometric shapes sewn together with straight seams.

  28. A lot of the fast fashion is made for pictures, not for daily wear I've found. They tend to be cheer, thing material that can look really good in photos, but it's difficult to find clothes that actually fit properly and makes me feel good in them.

  29. I almost never buy new clothes anymore, partly for this reason, but also because trends fade so quickly, and because fast fashion is terrible for the environment and people who make it.

  30. WOW I literally thought I was gaining and losing weight at the same time. I have been buying stuff online and returning. Viscous cycle. I used to thrift a lot but stopped i think im gnna go back to that good suggestion.

  31. your not the only one, I recently tried on some of my mother's old clothes circa early 80s- late 90s and I felt that (other than the obscenly baggy t-shirts) the clothing overal flattered me better. looking at the tags too they were a combination of 8-10s which honestly surprised me as I'm more of a 10-12 kind gal in today's sizes.

  32. I’m actually thinking about learning how to make clothes. I feel terrible that whatever I try to buy ends up looking terribly tight in unwanted places or like I’m wearing a bag of potatoes…

  33. Yes… I’ve really been struggling with pants. No matter the fabric, they fit great for the first few hours of the day then they become so baggy they barely stay up

  34. My biggest pet peeves is that "petite" sizes are getting bigger and longer. Like they usually may as well be normal clothing. I don't want to have to tack on $20 for tailoring for every pair of pants I buy!

  35. Definitely agree. I have to use dress clips on the waist of most of my dresses just to get it to fit, and I can’t even do anything about the gaps in the top

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