1. Please someone make this, could either be a shitshow or a goldmine, either way I’m too bored at work and need the entertainment

  2. What is happening in all the subs I'm in? It feels like it is happening everywhere; that mods change rules and everyone objects, but the mods keep the changes.

  3. I feel like you have to be a certain type of person to want to be a reddit mod and those people care more about the miniscule amount of power that brings than creating a good community.

  4. I get the impression there are people who just mod. That’s why they come to Reddit. To mod. They don’t care about the source content or the “community” within it. They care about modding and they slap the same rules on each sub regardless of the different sub vibes.

  5. My practically baseless theory is that Reddit is getting ready to go public. In the past week I've seen more [ Removed by Reddit ] posts than in years.

  6. Speaking as a mod for a handful of subs but not one here in particular--there are pretty limited tools to accurately gauge community needs and wants. It can be difficult to separate signal from noise when every time you open the mod queue, the memes are reported over and over again. :/

  7. This makes no sense during off-season. Sure, when there's actively new content being released, limit the memes. But what else would this subreddit be used for?

  8. Obviously we should be making another thousand posts about blue hawk or discussing why Soldier Boy was a bigger threat than Homelander, there’s really so much left to dissect

  9. Maybe it's my own personal experience, but people shouldn't come to a tv show subreddit until they're caught up. I get that hurts interaction numbers, but you're almost always bound to get spoiled or not understand most of the references. You're better off just waiting.

  10. That’s what I did. Waited for all of season 3 to be out so I could binge it. Waited and avoided this sub. Been loving all the jokes…. These mod changes suck.

  11. Yep, tbh I made the mistake of going on a sub and looking at memes for the series before finishing it (spoiled myself the death of a character 1 episode before their death lmfao) but honestly that's on me, can't expect internet strangers to have to restrict their memes caus I haven't finished watching

  12. I agree with you. I never join a subreddit until i am on par with the show. I know i will get spoiler in a place where people discuss the show. It's natural.

  13. Yep. I waited to watch Season 3 until all the episodes were out, and I actually unsubbed from here for those two months, because I knew I'd get spoiled otherwise. I wasn't taking that chance.

  14. i disagree. the post has a spoiler tag. dont look at it if you dont want problems, end of story. how can it be any more complicated than that? people are really reading these posts and complaining even though it literally says "spoilers" in orange and sometimes OP will type out "spoiler" in the title

  15. Everyone's talking about spoilers but what I hate the most is predictions/theories that come true because someone else connected the dots while I didn't, taking away my ability to enjoy the "Aha" moment in the upcoming episodes. Most shows pepper hints about something important over multiple episodes and then connect them all in one big reveal that gives you a chance to think back and realize how it was so obvious!

  16. I agree but on the flip side I think all plot conversations about any content outside of their official subs should be marked as spoilers in comments and posts. I'm a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire and have been long before Game of Thrones. I could've made posts about The Red Wedding on social media long before season three and used the "if you really cared you would've already read the books" argument that show watchers use when called out on spoilers. But I didn't out of consideration. I stopped watching the show when it surpassed the books and have had all kinds of things spoiled for me. Yes, I know the books may end differently if finished at all. But still it sucks to have been tight lipped for the TV fans for so long just to not have that reciprocated.

  17. What? Please tell me this isn’t true. The memes are the entire point of the subreddit… what are the mods smoking?

  18. Crack, and controlled amounts of Heroine. The one guy is blathering on about how everyone actually wants this to happen, even though everybody I’ve spoken to doesn’t.

  19. I agree. For me there are three basic online rules when catching up on a TV show and you don't want things spoiled for you:

  20. They are currently removing comments, so I don’t think they care about what people think (I’ve had two comments removed simply for talking on this post, and someone else has had comments removed as well.)

  21. Every other social media is flooded w The Boys memes, people can’t get enough, and they wanna shut down the factory?

  22. This sub is about to die. Making it so everything about the show and comics is considered a spoiler and banning memes except for monday. What a joke.

  23. wait that’s really weird that they used a google form instead of a poll like couldn’t they just use a in-subreddit built in poll to gage what to go forward with instead of an external google form???

  24. I don’t mind the spoiler thing, but the meme is ridiculous. Memes are one of the reasons the Boys is growing so much. What are people gonna be posting quotes and cosplays? Gonna get stale real quick

  25. I didn't see this survey either and i've checked the sub daily a few months now. They really need to do another survey.

  26. Its crazy that so many people didn't see the poll, but "it was stickied for a week" so it doesn't matter that noone responded.

  27. The memes are miles better than the whinge posts about which morally shit character is higher on the purity scale

  28. Yeah they also increased the karma threshold just to comment on here kind of needlessly. Feel bad for lurkers.

  29. lol memes only on monday makes no sense when the show has been off season for weeks now. literally no reason since everyone should be caught up by now

  30. Terrible, terrible idea. Mods, please reconsider and listen to the actual contributors to this sub.

  31. The memes are the main reason I come here honestly. I've noticed the sub showing up in my feed less. I guess this is why, shame.

  32. No there's no reason why you should limit stuff to a specific day. That's how you kill a community. There is no new stuff coming out for months or a year do what exactly is supposed to happen here? Imaging going back to forum days in 2022.

  33. Hot take: the new rules aren't bad during airing time. When new episodes are coming out, I understand why they would make the spoiler changes, etc.

  34. Memes are the only reason I come here. Nothing annoys me more than power tripping overmoderation. There’s 0 reason to restrict memes to only one fucking day lmao

  35. I literally come to this subreddit 90% for the memes and 10% other shit. Would have made a lot more sense if they had one day without memes

  36. Restricting memes to Monday’s only for a sub based on a TV show with no current content releasing is a bad move, it’ll be changed soon no doubt.

  37. We won’t have new content for 1-2 years and they’re limiting memes? We supposed to have serious engaging discussions 6 days a week for 2 years?

  38. The level of memes on here was terrible though, half the memes weren't even about The Boys. People always ruin things for themselves.

  39. it definitely doesnt have to be this way, just more mods taking themselves too seriously and ruining an entire community with almost half a million people in it

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