1. D&J’s room is cute, but I don’t think the art or the bright yellow mesh with the wallpaper. Also, that wallpaper is gorgeous and I wish it wasn’t entirely blocked by bunk beds.

  2. All O&O need to do is install cabinetry on either side of the fireplace and do away with the wall of cabinetry behind the couch. Move the couch back and add a coffee table. Such an easy fix, honestly.

  3. Scotty is a professional pot stirrer. I know it's a reality show, but it also makes me uncomfortable about the continuous telling team's struggles to other teams. It's just like a gossipy bully. No matter what you think of the teams, or it being a reality show, it's just uncomfortable for me to watch.

  4. Is Shayna really praising some cheap battery powered lights hanging under a bed as if it was a piece of design genius? And doesn't she know Winnie The Pooh was not actually written by Roald Dahl? And don't even get me started on ugly wallpaper on the ceiling.

  5. Every time SJ mentioned how nice it would be for a baby to look up and see that wallpaper on the ceiling I wanted to tell her that babies can't focus more than about 10 inches in front of their faces.

  6. Judges have no idea about tv placement. Basic ergonomics will tell you that no one will be comfortable watching O&Os TV for any more than 5 minutes.

  7. Why are the judges so obsessed with light switches next to their beds. Can the kids not get up and walk to the door like normal people?

  8. Following a recommendation on insta, I googled Kate Walker design, bedroom with wallpaper on the ceiling. Reminds me of something....

  9. the way they treat the buyers is genuinely awful. i know that they’re the ones essentially financing the build but the fawning attitude the producers have is genuinely disgusting

  10. They are the ideal contestants and the only type I think Scotty would cast if he got his way. Skilled and good looking.

  11. Is “Miffy” a sponsor this year? What’s with the many many (creepy) miffy rabbits in everyone’s rooms? Even the boys had them!?

  12. The judges wouldn’t have questioned it if it was a sponsor though. Must have been block bucks or a voucher or something.

  13. The judges comments about the board games is weird, They are accessible in cabinetry in a living room, Do they have dedicated games storage rooms in their houses?

  14. There’s no coffee table or any table in that room to play them. Essentially it’s just a storage room with a couch and tv if you’re not meant to play the games in there

  15. both the cabinetry and the fireplace take up way too much space and add nothing, you remove both and suddenly you have room for a large couch and the tv makes more sense

  16. It was tacky af. Especially didn’t fit in the rooms that were supposed to be for older kids or grown ups. And multiple miffys? So cringe.

  17. Yeah has to be a sponsor. Was watching it with my nana and I kept going “oh my god there’s another miffy! Oh god another one” so on so fourth.

  18. I agree with the judges here. It would have been better if they designed a room that could have been repurposed if the buyer doesn't like their vision.

  19. Sure, but minus the cabinets and adding the pullout sofa would be good as a backup bedroom. Unfortunately, the decorating choices were horrible too. It feels like two different minds are decorating their house. One is doing baths and kitchens and the other is doing bedrooms

  20. I agree. But their set up ruined the judges from seeing that. The recommendation for a lounge that was a sofa bed or at least a hint that it could be used as extra sleeping space if required would have got them more points for sure.

  21. you'd use a 2nd living area so much more than you'd use a 'guest bedroom'. Can't imagine buying a house based on guest use!

  22. It’s weird that there isn’t a media room, unless there’s still one to come? But that room was awkward. Way too small and weird layout for a tv room.

  23. Yes to a second living room, but this room is too small for it tbh (even if you take the cabinets out, and push the couch all the way back)

  24. That sitting area in O&Os cabinet is horrible, If you have a lamp and ipad on a angle like that, its clearly too small to do even basic work.

  25. don't love the light up cabinets, if i'm watching a movie i don't want to have to turn off the cabinet lights so its properly dark

  26. There’s no other reason for the giant one in the boys room, it looks so out of place. Edit: omg there’s mini ones too wth

  27. As an accountant, I take offense with Ankur's comment that he couldn't budget because it was week-to-week income.

  28. As a non-accountant I don’t understand how the week to week income doesn’t actually make it easier. You don’t know how much is coming so you should only be working with what you have. That doesn’t need an accountant, it just needs common sense.

  29. Very common these days. When my toddler moves from cot to bed I'm tempted to get a double for him, for when he's sick etc so I can lay with him without being squished.

  30. Adult/teenager rattan queen bed confuses me. Nice bed but if you’ve got rattles and rockers in the room then a cute little single bed would’ve been way better

  31. I agree with Shaynna that mint green doesn't go with the rest of the room. I think the wallpaper does match the curtains and wardrobes though.

  32. that marble table is so incredibly tacky, nothing like a heavy, sharp edged table in a room for children

  33. Scotty is coming off as a massive d?$k this season. He clearly has an agenda about some contestants (right or wrong). I know A&S situation is their fault by not keeping on top of their budget, I know this is all for the drama as there is no way they knew this was an upward trend WEEKS ago

  34. How is he coming off as a massive di$k? What’s the point sugar coating what they’ve done? He didn’t get personal. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  35. I remember in previous seasons they were pinged for not submitting invoices within X period and the budget was kept a eye on

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