1. I’d be like Sharon. One bad score and my confidence would be gone and I’d make more mistakes. My partner would be quiet and hard working but secretly he’d be beating himself up over everything as well.

  2. I asked my brother to do it with me and he pointed out that they would zero in on how badly we fight when we do. My brother has great taste, we both do and that doesn’t fit with the show’s division of labour format. He’s a genius at architectural metal work and knows more about engineering than most builders and that wouldn’t go down well with the architect and Keith and Dan I’m sure. I’m really good at accuracy and detail and that’s another diversion from the formula. How would they wrap their heads around a team that can both design and do physical tasks.

  3. I think as a couple we’d do well. My problem is that I’m a little high-strung and also a bit of a perfectionist, so I’d probably give the producers a plethora of footage that they could cut to make me seem like the biggest and most awful cow in Australia 😂

  4. Trash. I would be doing all the work and all the decisions because she is unable to make her mind up on anything.

  5. We would not do well. My husband would be great at managing the build but would seriously get the s**ts at being interrupted all the time by the crew and wouldn't want to 'play the game'.

  6. I'de probably do pretty well as a project manager. I'm used to running a busy medical center and seeing patients at the same time so my organization and multi-tasking game is pretty on point, plus i've got a hobby background in 3D architectural modelling, a few hours with the plans and I could design the whole house, which would save a lot of time on consultations. My weakest part would be the painting, I'm not good at it.

  7. We would never finish a room. There would be timelapses showing how long I take to make a simple decision. It would show them unlocking the doors for me at opening to the shop, then me collecting a million items to make mood vignettes from. Then me constantly swapping out pieces while soliciting opinions from the staff, the other contestants, random shoppers. Then they would show the sun setting and the staff asking me to come back the next day so they could close up shop.

  8. I have no desire to be on TV, but I am living for the first female carpenter contestant Jenny! She’s badass and inspirational.

  9. My husband would be the most hated contestant because of the way he speaks to me during a project. Aside from all the swearing being bleeped out he has said things to me like: ‘if you were a labourer I would sack you for your attitude’. The whole of Australia would love me and he would look awful. Nothing would get done on time and I would have to organise the trades, money design (which he would argue with) and do all the painting myself. He meanwhile would spend the whole week stressing and doing a small job, in whatever room we were in, that he would then expect to get scored highly on or the judges would cop a serve during feedback!

  10. Really poor. A) we have no experience and b) the casual underlying sexism that is displayed towards all all female teams would send us both mad. Like I'd be telling Scotty not to call us ladies and refusing to wear the pink boots and hi vis.

  11. My husband could probably do it and be quite well liked.. we have built a house before. Don't think the time pressure would be his strong suit though

  12. I don’t function well not getting my 8 hours of sleep. Also really enjoy running and being my introverted self. Neither of us have trade experience either. I think it would not go well. I would like to think I could battle throughout and think about the potential winnings but 3 months is a long, long time.

  13. It would bring the worst out in me. I reckon the viewers would be like “her poor husband” lol. I’m too much of a perfectionist and I’m also the handy one around our house, my husband has no clue how to do any handyman type stuff.

  14. We wouldn't? I'd wind up doing everything and she'd waste all our money on horrid design decisions. Also, I'd purposely do shit like put a fireplace in a bathroom to be edgy

  15. Absolutely terrible, we have no idea about styling or what looks “good”. I hate getting on ladders and my wife can do more “handyman” things around the house than me haha

  16. I would feel most put off by always having to make phone calls on speaker/ phone calls being filmed. My phone anxiety would pop off 😂 So I’d make my partner do all the phone calls!

  17. We renovate houses as a sideline so hopefully we’d go ok. Personally not so good… People would love my husband but probably hate me 🤣🤣

  18. I’d have a breakdown within the first week. I don’t do well on no sleep. If I don’t get 7 hours a night, I’m useless.

  19. Terribly! I am hugely indecisive and would struggle with design choices. Hubby would do ok and work hard, but he's got a bung neck so would probably be in a lot of pain. Neither of us are trades so that's a huge disadvantage

  20. The physical demand and stress would do us both in, but our knowledge of design and the market would be a huge advantage.

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