1. I still love banana and Miracle Whip sandwiches. In my family Miracle Whip was referred to as mayonnaise. I didn’t know different until I was grown!

  2. I understand this because of the fact that peanut butter and banana sandwiches are pretty good cause both are sweetish and that logic must extend to miracle whip but I can’t think of mayo and banana even falling near that spectrum.

  3. Downvoted. Banana and Mayo sandwiches are criminally slept on. Gotta make sure the bananas aren’t too ripe, cut em long ways, and use Duke’s

  4. I grew up eating banana and mayo sandwiches. I think they are great. Has to be Duke’s mayo. No other tastes right.

  5. What about miracle whip? Japanese kewpie mayo? I know these sandwiches are not for me (many folks like em, nothing wrong with that, just not for me!) But I'm wondering how either of these would compare on your sandwich- anyone tried?

  6. Why would you do this when you can just use peanut butter instead of mayo? Why did I need to see this today...

  7. If I had my own democracy I'd make sure anyone who ever utters those words has to drink from a Separate water fountain.

  8. I used to eat bananas and mayonnaise (no bread) as a kid. Miracle Whip has a bit more zip tang to it, but as an adult I sick to regular mayo. GF thinks it's weird and refuses to try. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!

  9. Wow I'm the 1/10 here nice I LOVE these sandwiches. It's really incomparable to anything else ive eaten, really worth a try even if you think it sounds gross

  10. My dad loves this sandwich. He made it for me as a kid but it never caught on for me. It has a weird sour taste that I don't like.

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