1. Just soooo many pictures of her smiling and giving a thumbs up with corpses or other gore. That bitch is serial killer crazy. I remember when they tried her and I thought how crazy the whole things was then, thanks for reminding me of just how fucked our military can be, I mean just her only getting six months for this depravity is a crime in itself.

  2. Way back when the USA legalised torture and the indefinite detention of prisoners without trial. There are still prisoners in the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp to this day.

  3. Yup. One set of prisoners would cheer when mortars intended for guards landed in the middle of the tent city outside. My second day in country we escorted a deuce 1/2 full of prisoners there. 1st guy off the truck had a note around his neck like all the others with a description of what they are being detained for. This guy had thrown a large rock at a joes face while he was talking to another civilian knocking out all of his front teeth. The Sgt reads the note then pushes the guy off the back of the truck while his hands are still bound and sandbag on head. “Guess he won’t do that again” was all the Sgt said while the guy just laid on the ground knocked out or maybe dead. He fell hard head 1st A min later the tent city outside the main building was hit with several mortars and the prisoners all started cheering. Not sure why they cheered when every single mortar landed on prisoners and not guards. My point was this prison got some of the worst of the worst and these guards had zero sympathy left.

  4. The most messed up part of this is that there was zero yes zero reason to go to war with Iraq. It literally was a waste of millions of lives, trillions of dollars, and it showed the world that the US will make up a war to get oil and to provide profits for Lockheed Martin.

  5. Europe was due for a war and the current one is tiny but in the eyes of the American empire it is a fight for the whole world just like the war in vietnam

  6. It's messed up what is happening in Ukraine and obviously in no way justified. There is a cynical part of me that thinks that a whole lot of countries handing over arms to Ukraine are super interested in how those arms and tactics perform against Russia and happily taking notes. Not saying that the rest of the world shouldn't be supporting Ukraine, but I doubt it's completely altruistic.

  7. The US has not had a legitimate reason to go to war in 100s of years cant let that little detail get in the way.

  8. This being true doesn't means we should give Putin a pass for doing it now, it wasn't ok then and it's not ok now.

  9. The country was messed up beforehand. The middle East has basically been a battleground for centuries. That being said, the war was not about oil, it wasn’t about Lockheed Martin, it also wasn’t about weapons of mass destruction.

  10. Yeah I’ll probably get shit on for this but you are absolutely correct. You are absolutely right. A lot of people will sit from their couch and ask how people can do this but have never walked into a room full of dead women and children that were raped and tortured for helping “the infidels”. And I’m not saying what happened in this picture is ok but I don’t think anyone can say they wouldn’t change. Hold a 7 year old girl in your arms that was shot by the Taliban and watch her die as she begs you to help her. Or go home to your friends wife and new born and have to explain you’re sorry you didn’t bring him home. Wake up every night screaming for years and years, then tell me you wouldn’t lose some of your moral compass. Most of us were still kids in a war we didn’t understand. I’m not that same angry young man anymore but there were plenty of nights I sat in the dark drinking wishing I could take my anger out on the next person I found associated with the people that did those thing. Years of blaming myself and wanting to kill myself, but still expected to stay noble in the face of all of that.

  11. The Stanford prison experiment and Stanley milgram experiment proved this. Anybody can do this if given the right atmosphere. Period.

  12. Quite true. We send people off to go murder others and expect them to act ethically. This is the very worst of humanity, but in a sense, they had to give their humanity up when the fight started.

  13. Incredibly glad she was convicted as a war criminal, incredibly sad that those atrocities were allowed to foster in the first place

  14. I try to tell people that Soldiers aren't held accountable for war crimes far more often than cops aren't held accountable for misdeed but nobody seems to believe me.

  15. Were? You know what is the purpose of public execution? To entertain masses with few people and satisfy their blood thirst. America still runs prison camps and all this happens daily.

  16. A while ago, reddit was defending Ukrainian soldiers for torturing Russian soldiers. All I could think about was how we (US) tortured Iraqi soldiers. It's never right and I hope those that do it are always prosecuted for war crimes.

  17. It's why principles are so important. We teach children "two wrongs don't make a right" and "treat others how you wish to be treated", yet so many seem eager to grab their torches and pitchforks soon as a sanctioned target springs up. Don't matter whether it's US, Iraqi, Ukranian, Russian, Hitler, Stalin, Jesus or Gandhi doing it. If you'd decry it if it happened to your friend, decry it if it happens to your enemy.

  18. Not saying it’s okay for Ukrainians to torture Russians, but even that situation is different that this. Ukrainian are torturing the Russians trying to occupy them, they’re not like Americans going to Iraq and fucking with the people there.

  19. From Zero Dark Thirty, Politics are changing and you don't wanna be the last one holding a dog collar when the oversight committee comes.

  20. Its just crazy to me that ppl like this exists. Like, o know it will seem like virtue signalling, but let it be known. Im an asshole. For sure for sure. I can tell ppl exactly how i feel with no issue. Im never going to be called "nice". Its just the truth.

  21. Nearly all the leaders of ISIS have been imprisoned in Abugraibh, indirectly you Americans have created ISIS by means of rape with objects and torture, same goes for attacking Iraq which had no weapons of mass destruction, you are literally the reason why the Middle East is a has become a breeding ground full of terrorists. and by you I mean your government.

  22. It’s not just the government, it is the people too. We are bloodthirsty animals who are happy to condone, defend, and turn a blind eye to the torture our soldiers do every war.

  23. This is absolutely appalling ! As an Iraqi Veteran myself I will tell you that us grunts on the ground knew nothing about this. I just want to clarify that not all of us troops are evil fucks like these people.

  24. Yes, she got charged and court martialed for this stunt along with the guy behind her. They both received prison terms.

  25. Wait this is literally against the laws of war America follows. You can't hurt abuse or even tell at prisoners of war, and they must be treated humanly.

  26. Crazy how most Americans have such little awareness of what their country’s wars really look like. Colonialism and military aggression are always evil but America have perfected a particularly sinister method of doing it.

  27. War crimes are obviously something only none Americans and their allies commit. Seriously, when was the last time you saw an American or American ally face some serious consequences for war crimes and/or crimes against humanity?

  28. As an American I apologize a lot of our residents are a total pos, I think the military and police have a much higher percentage of them

  29. This is awful, and the treatment of prisoners of war by the US in Iraq is some of the most disturbing content I've ever seen on the internet. That being said, this really should be NSFW'd.

  30. We have no moral high ground to condemn Russia for Ukraine. We legalized torture. We invaded another country for “wmd’s”. Maybe Putin can borrow Powell’s little white vial. We got butthurt in 9/11 and lashed out like a child. We should’ve invaded Saudi

  31. Funny thing is, she’s the one coming off worst in this picture. Bitch looks like she’s preparing to face dive in that ass!

  32. I remember any negative critique of these two or this image and you were accused of being a Muslim sympathizer. Maybe I should move out of America if I hated it o much.

  33. Well, they never really got any real/legal repercussions for their war crimes so yea, u right america bad, real Bad

  34. I’m sure Sabrina enlisted bright-eyed and with a heart full of purity wanting to fight for democracy and the oppressed. Unfortunately, the atrocities of war can turn even the most benevolent of us into monsters.

  35. I think what people are forgetting is the rage that people felt after 9/11. People were absolutely furious and more United since the Revolutionary war. People wanted Justice for 9/11, they wanted blood. Does it justify what was done? I can’t really say, I don’t know what these particular men did, but at the very least they probably shouldn’t have photographed it.

  36. But a force for good ein? Poor Assange anyway. Gone through all that sorrow and for what. To provide proof for what we all know is the case?

  37. Ah yes let's invade a country and torture the natives in their own home. Classic US move. Google her name btw she's a bad bad person

  38. “Taxi Ride to the Dark Side” is a must watch for those interested in the United States military handling of prisoners of war during the “War on terror”

  39. Im old enough to remember when these photos came out. I got to the point where I just blamed everything on the Bush administration. Probably one of the only times I went out and protested against a US president. Bush was the catalyst for extremist American politics. Gloves came off during his presidency. Remember, he won because ballot boxes went missing in Florida. A state his BROTHER was governor. I am no liberal but I was enraged at the blatant corruption the Republicans were involved with. Not only did they literally steal the election, Dick Cheney was giving openly government contracts to companies he was involved with when the war started.

  40. Yeah. She did so much worse than actually kill them, drag their bodies behind her humvee, cut off their penises, shove them in the corpse’s mouth, hang them from a bridge and then set them on fire. She’s such a monster.

  41. No wonder our well disciplined men and women are so well loved around the world Winning hearts and minds everyday!

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