1. As someone who lives next to a single junkie convict (who is quite small and not very threatening) no thank you. We already live in constant anxiety of when something will kick off again. I literally couldn’t function in a place like this in the video unless I live in a secret barricaded room

  2. There is a guy who does narration while walking around Philly, and he said that the surrounding areas have been gentrified, and that the process is starting in that area. I imagine the homeless people will be pushed out as people with money snatch up and renovate cheap property. I’m sure they will be fine in a couple years.

  3. I feel bad for the shops that can't stay open because of this. The property owner won't find a tenant and it's just going to degrade.

  4. And people like this hiding out in trailer parks in 90% of the small cities too, the opiate crisis has hit rural America just as hard as it’s hit the big cities.

  5. There is something rotten in the state of the USA, so to speak, or all of West if you want to get even more broad

  6. There isn't really places like this in Australia. There are lots of fentanyl and meth users but most live in housing from the government still. Also the fact that drugs are much more expensive here. About $70-140 USD for enough heroin for 1 person 1 hit.

  7. Could Americas just concentrate on themselves for a change rather than term to fix (and then break) other countries. Please!

  8. Crazy thing about this video is it barely shows a sliver of Kensington. There is (or was, idk if it's still up) a whole ass YouTube channel of a guy who just drives around taking video. Some of the saddest, most disturbing shit I have ever seen.

  9. I am admittedly naive, but what on earth would prompt someone to do these drugs at all? Like, what is going through their mind the first time they try it? If you love the high, you’re doomed to chase the feeling again & again and then you’ll end up like this. It’s quite normal to seek an escape, but no one wants to end up like this.

  10. The last part you highlighted is something I often think about when I'm giving homeless people food with the project I'm a part of. Being high is one of the only pleasures their little money can buy. Or at least that's what they think, because of lack of a support system that shows them they can actually do better and that helps them do it.

  11. If this was a Video game with a realistic street life i would probably think, this is just over the top and could never happen anywhere.

  12. I worked in the frontlines of this in Philly, helping them get into treatment. We are so underfunded and overcrowded. It won’t go away for a long, long time.

  13. As a German I’ve never understand why a rich nation like the US cares so less about the situation of the people. When Americans I’ve met talked about poor people they’ve often called them “trash”. This is fucking depressing.

  14. As someone who lives in a “third world country” I really can’t understand how the richest country in the history of the world allows this to happen. My city is filled with dangerous zones, but this level of abandonment is unfathomable.

  15. I get what you're saying, but cannabis simply doesn't hit as hard as the harder drugs. These folks are looking for lights out narcotics.

  16. no... unless you consider "big pharma" to be horse tranquilizers and fent with research chemical analogs of said tranquilizers + benzos.

  17. No, this is what happens when big pharma CONTROLS the opiates that people want. So they are stuck with stuff like heroin and fentanyl.

  18. A lot of these people come from abusive families or families that have been already homeless for a long time. The federal government does not believe housing should be a right and some of these people will most likely die on the streets.

  19. Housing is a right for Ukrainian refugees they are getting government funded housing and cash aid. We just give fk all about our own.

  20. This comment just gave me flashbacks to working at a Path station near NYC and getting a whiff of the piss stained drunk bum at 8 am and trying not to gag

  21. My mom and I road tripped through Seattle and went to walk through a park and didn’t research it, this was what we saw, instantly turned around and called an Uber

  22. You want to make the video even more sad? Look at all the young adults slumped over and ask yourself what they have been through in their lives to put them at this point. Each one of them has a story..an origin story if you will. And I guarantee that most of them have been through some form of trauma and/or untreated mental health issues and have been cursed with forever searching for a mental escape. Because being numb is better than feeling feels when you are depressed, suffering from PTSD etc. It’s fkn sad that this is all they’ve got.

  23. I see your post history, you seem to have the same interests my brother did. He died of a fentanyl overdose 3 years ago. People care, please seek help.

  24. If you can see that you have a problem, that’s a good start. I’m not the person to give advice on this topic but if you need anyone to talk to, I’m here

  25. Ever had your mother stand over you in the dead of night like the person in the beginning. Sweaty head hanging, possible drool. Hair messy unwashed, eyes glazed/pupils black, no thoughts behind their eyes. These industries have a grip so strong on ppl It’s terrifying. I deny medication bc I have this specific trauma/fear. Years of therapy trying to fix me thankfully I stayed away from drugs but sobriety is looking at reality and it’s hard to feel that. Especially for ppl like my mother who has a broken neck granted however, she completely checked out of my life. What a sick joke but I’m laughing in the direction of peace in my mind/life at least ☮️

  26. Stupid question here, but how and why do any businesses remain in Kensington? A lot of your potential customers are scared off by unpredictable junkies living in front of your store, and those unpredictable junkies can at any time become unpredictable inside your store. How do you even go about unlocking the roll-up gates in the morning when there are a dozen strung-out homeless addicts laying all over the thing?

  27. Y’all think this is scary?! Y’all should come to “methadone mile” over here in Boston. Place is absolutely bonkers. Blows skid row out of the water as well.

  28. I'm not U.S. Citizen, I always thought Philadelphia was a big, prosperous city. When or where did it all go wrong?

  29. It's one street in one city. A street that's so infamous for this, that I know about it and I've never been to Philadelphia and live thousands of miles away. You're not gonna just stumble across something like this unless you're very lost or seeking it out.

  30. I lived not too far from where this video was shot for a few years. Most of Philadelphia is normal. In fact, most of Philadelphia is pretzel eating wooder ice jabronis.

  31. has the us always been like this? i mean... i've seen similar videos taken in new york, L.a., san francisco, now this... what the fuck

  32. Don't know about always, but Kensington has been like that for at least twenty or thirty years. Had a friend murdered out there in 2005 or so. I saw him at the bar earlier that night. Seemed happy.

  33. They didn't give to shits if it was only urban Philly.. But now that these drugs a destroying the suburbs its an epidemic and a tragedy all the small town whites are dropping like flies...

  34. "Boy, I am covered in zombie blood and puke and eyeballs and twenty other parts I don't even recognize. We are immune as SHIT."

  35. What happens when someone dies? Do they just get picked up on garbage day? Seriously, wild animals choose to die in obscure locations...but what about zombie druggies? This clip is so fucked up. I literally thought there were actors walking over hunched like a zombie. Like at 4:33. Jesus christ.

  36. Each one of these people should be legally allowed to beat the ever living shit out of a Sackler family member.

  37. Terrible. My cousin died near here not long ago. Despite a loving family, resources, and opportunities to get clean he just couldn’t escape the addiction. What an awful disease.

  38. It hurts to see something like this especially, seeing someone simplifying it to the "streets of philadelphia" because where I live it doesn't look anything like this. They should have at the very least specified that this is a part of Philadelphia called Kensington that has deteriorated over the years. But yeah it's fucking scary and I pray that the whole city doesn't end up like this one day.

  39. This is a mental health crisis. The quote from an article about drug addiction that I found most enlightening is that drug users are not looking for a high, but rather trying to escape the low. My solution is take an area in a not too populated state and create an army like base. Drug users are given their daily dose with no fear of jail. One condition is that residents agree to be sterilized because the poor little innocents do not need to suffer a lifetime for your addictions. If you go through recovery and are clean for 5 years with gainful employment, reversal of sterilization will be provided. You will contribute to the community in some capacity. Anytime you are ready, there will be a recovery program for you. Mental health programs are available. You may not leave the base unless you are leaving the program. Violence will be punished with loss of privileges. There are so many benefits to this scenario. First, less drug sales on the streets. Second, less crime committed for the purpose of buying drugs. Third, children will not be born with addiction and subsequent learning disabilities. Fourth, schools will not have to spend limited funds on students who have drug addiction related disabilities. Fifth, medical help with be available so that no overdose deaths will occur. Sixth, drug addiction counsellors will be available to the residents 24/7. This is not a quick fix and society has to recognize that drug addiction affects many aspects of the community. If we want change, then a very different approach is needed.

  40. If only we had some social services… What’s that? Well, I don’t see how communism has anything to do with this; these folks just need help…. Yesssss, yesssss, taxation is theft…Heard it before… Well, are YOU gunna help em? Ahhhhhhh, they can help themselves…I get it… Guess I’ll just go back to doing nothing and demonizing struggling people… Thanks for the call!

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