1. You know what I want in Tekken? For Jin to have a kid who likes Kazuya. Like the kid always asks about his grandpa but Jin tells him “people like him shouldn’t exist in this world. I don’t want you to become like him” but you know the more you tell a kid not to be interested in something the more they wanna do it. He eventually becomes Kazuya’s prodigy behind Jin’s back. But then turns out he’s an even bigger dick than all the Mishima’s and tries to get rid of them.

  2. it would be very nice and cool but i doubt it will happen, the mishima bloodline ends with jin just as he wishes, rip xiaoyu and hwoarang tho

  3. It's pretty cool. Kinda echoes the little bit of lore we got with Kaz and Jinpachi in T5. Before the whole... Y'know, smirking murder thing.

  4. AU where Kazuya didn't leave to get milk inside a volcano but now tortures Jin and Jun with terrible dad jokes.

  5. I also liked the moment where Jin said "Stand back Xiaoyu. I'm beginning to Devil gene" and become devil gene

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