1. I mean, its not impossible, you just have to duck and punish really quickly. It does mean that the Lidia player can trick you by just doing the 3 alone, but its really not the first move in the game like this. Miguel 124, Bryan df21, and some df1,1's are really tricky to launch punish. If you can understand how to launch punish those, then you can do the same with Lidia 32.

  2. The recovery on multiple high strings is actually broken, if she's high tier or not, the recovery on these highs must be nerfed.

  3. Simply this. Stupid ass recovery windows in a game where this is already a problem with many other moves and characters. Stop incentivising whiffing.

  4. Yeah this move is way too hard to duck/whiff punish when you consider the range, block properties and tracking of the second hit.

  5. Yeah, a 20 frame window to visually confirm the whiff into a punish is way too low for what the move does especially when you consider other high high or mid high strings in the game like kazuya df1, 4 that you can reliably punish on duck.

  6. Not as bad as the electric buff in 3.33, but still quite fast. I have duck punished it a couple of times. But I believe with a bit of practice mode anyone should be able to reliably punish it. I notice that generally Lidia's moves recover quickly on whiff

  7. The electric buffs were complete bs too and I would like to see one of the tracking or whiff recovery buffs reverted in the future, but it is what it is.

  8. I wish the normal version did 22 dmg and the blue spark version did 27, to make it more worth it. You could also make the normal version recover slower, for worse combos, and easier punishment.

  9. The problem isnt that its 17 frames, its that on block its only -2, but its weakness is supposed to be that its high high, meaning that they want you to duck the second hit to punish it. As it is rn, you can reliably spam the string and be relatively safe even if your opponent ducks the second hit (and this is even more so a problem online where you have more input delay).

  10. heaven and earth has a very mongoloid friendly mixup, both options come out at 16 frames. the high option is + on block for a 40 damage followup string and the mid option is a safe launcher

  11. You can launch her with a good read. Duck the 3, and then you have more time for a better punish of the 2.

  12. That makes standing 3 a mixup. The opponent can just bait you with 3 and punish your launch attempt. Not how a "punish" is supposed to work.

  13. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth as well. I know Kazuya's is also fast, but because of his more defensive style, I can kind of tell when it's coming, whereas Lidia is always in your face, so it just comes out of nowhere.

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