1. i can block snake edges easily but this move is actually slower than your typical snake edge i recall? this is one of those moves that are so slow yet it gets me more than snake edges ever does, it also has crazy evasion and range so if you're caught doing like a high string even from mid range, you can get clipped by it

  2. For some reason, even if Paul's snake edge is among the slowest, its really hard to properly block it (you have to low parry it actually), not to mention the fact that he can bullshit cancel it into another launcher, so dont blame yourself for it

  3. I think the main problem with Paul is the insane amount of safe launchers he has. Additionally, as much as I enjoy his new 3,2 into SWY mechanic, I don't think it was necessary as it only amplified his combo damage.

  4. Can anyone explain why people so much against this? I mean, that's a pretty huge mistake. Granted, it's 3 bars but this move is still pretty reactable even at 3 bars.

  5. its just one of those moments, even pros get hit by certain moves time to time that are like 1 million start frames, but it just catches them off guard.

  6. All these comments about Paul when literally 9-12 characters can replicate that damage in the right situation .

  7. Sigh. The issue players have is with Paul's rage art, not his snake edge. Please don't get it twisted. Getting hit by his snake edge was entirely the OP's fault, especially as a Raijin. That move is not an issue for high ranking players once they're used to Paul. And almost everyone has vs. Paul experience. For low ranking players... sure, it might be an issue. But so is every other snake edge which are much faster than Paul's.

  8. Asuka can do almost the same damage with that rage drive without the need of a wall, if she connects her fast ch low high

  9. It's easy to laugh at this when you know the other guy you're playing but if I got hit with that shit in ranked I'd be pissed lmao.

  10. Also hey man if you could help me out, what does asuka use to punish deathfist on block? When I use F2 it whiffs so is there any other move you use?

  11. I think f1+2 and f2 have the same range, I try to punish with f2 but the pushback on death fist is inconsistent so when I'm too far I just cancel the f2, I wouldn't recommend f1+2 because it has very bad recovery and you'll just eat a clean hit deathfist.

  12. its just one of those moves, that are slow as hell but it catches you more than actual snake edges, i think more people get hit by it when this move goes under whatever attack they're doing instead of just getting hit by it out of the blue in the neutral like in this vidoe, this guy SHOULD have blocked it. This move also has a deceptively long range.

  13. it's among the slowest (more than 30f) but a common online tactic is to do this then cancel it into WS2 or his shredder kicks (hopkick)

  14. It's not hard to react but it's when you face a good paul their mixups become unpredictable and the snake edge which paul did in the video can be cancelled mid animation for a ws2 launcher mixup doesn't help.

  15. I feel like its because its not homing therefore doesnt have the homing sparks that a lot of snake edges do. That helps you identify it quickly.

  16. guaranteed after a i34 move, you have all the fucking time in the world to react to this, it's a gimmick move that's never used for anything, unless your opponent is literally asleep

  17. Most characters? Maybe, but with Paul is kinda easy, that’s not an hard combo. A lot of characters have some things that could be fixed, for Paul is the damage (and a lot of other stuff, but that’s not the point), the point is that a lot of characters have broken stuff, surely Paul isn’t the only one, but a lot of them doesn’t. I’m not personally against Paul having that much damage, I’m against other characters not getting a strong trait.

  18. Lol weren't you one of the guys who talked shit about just 'hopkick' the snake edge. This video is the best example of how good paul players space themsevles that you won't be able to hopkick that shit. Just like I said before, paul and king players will always use them snake edges because of their low risk and high reward.

  19. And sometime you tell yourself that you thought that he was gonna cancel. But you know deep down you couldn't see that coming and you'll always be a scrub with the reflexes of a turtle.

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