1. I do f,f n F2+4. So you double tap the forward twice, then during the dash start up you hit forward and 2+4 at the same time.

  2. Bra I play king and enjoy doing isw off a raw hopkick or low parry for fun. What I physically do is the second I hopkick launch them or start to low parry them I start tapping forward like a madman like I'm already trying to run while still locked in the previous animation. Then the very moment I start moving I input the 2+4.

  3. for iSW, you need to input 2+4 exactly one frame after the last 'f' input. This also applies for other iWR moves like Dragunov's iWR2.

  4. Buffer the first F during the recovery of the RD, then do a fast f,f+throw in a way that you try to press the last f and the throw at the same time.

  5. This is completely false. If you input the throw and your forward on the same frame you will never ever get iSW. You need to delay your throw input by exactly 1 frame to get iSW, just like with every other running move in the game.

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