1. WTF I’m not exactly on the “I hate Kail” train or anything BUT Leah literally walked off the stage at the last reunion as soon as Kail was bought up. Just because Kail wasn’t there to defend herself.

  2. She did? Ugh. I hate not being able to watch the new seasons!! I don’t typically hate kail either, she’s definitely problematic, but they all are… but knowing that is really disappointing. Hoping she isn’t talking about Leah, but she most likely is.

  3. I can deal with the hair, twisty/braided styles are in right now.. The make up on the other hand..YIKES

  4. What's the point in a podcast if you're going to record video? Isn't it just like a show with low effort at that point?

  5. She looks absolutely horrible. The makeup is making her nose appear thinner too. It makes me excited to see her after she gets her nose job. I just can’t see it matching her face.

  6. Oh! She looks like that actress. The one that played Hilary Duff's stepmom on Cinderella Story and Reese Witherspoon's friend on Legally Blonde

  7. Seems like you might try to talk a friend out of it privately and not make fun of them publicly, especially when you've done your share of boneheaded things

  8. "I'm not trying to fight with you, I'm trying to help you" is probably what all of Kail's old friends said to her at one point.