1. I impact naded a level one guy killing a bunch of scavs on night factory a couple of weeks ago, stock m4, pistol, 2 mres 2 water bottles and a bunch of bullets in his bag haha poor guy

  2. Once I see food and water in the backpack on a map that doesn’t need it, I know it’s a young Timmy and start to feel bad lol

  3. I killed a level one on Interchange last week thinking he was the guy I just fought with rotating on me. The end screen said level one but his dogtag said level two so I think it was literally his first raid and he hit lvl 2 after loading into the raid lol he just had random junk on him. Felt bad but welcome to tarkov lil buddy.

  4. I was given no quarter learning this game and I will give no quarter if they die they die. Start flash back to every shoreline quest. God why!!!!

  5. Shoreline was this map on which I was doing loot runs or tried to camp somewhere for PvP and often never met anyone at all but when it came to do missions there, suddenly every bush decided to host a player

  6. I spared 2 very new PMC's earlier in dorms. Hit one with an AP-20. They spent the next minute hiding and pleading over VoIP that they were just trying to do operation aqaurius. I threw a splint for the one guy and told them to run and don't go into 3 story.

  7. Spawn in customs with 20 minutes to finish a scav killing daily with smgs. I rush New gas and kill the last scav I needed. Easy. GG.

  8. My microhpone stopped working when I spilled tea on it and now I don't have VOIP (can't hear people aswell)... morality problem solved, for me noone is friendly in Tarkov xD

  9. That’s nothing, yesterday my buddy killed a lvl 2. Or so we thought, he gets to the end screen and he was a level 1, although his dog tag said level 2. So, it was his first raid, he killed a couple scavs, leveled up, then died to my level 54 buddy 😂. Dude had a hell of a first raid.

  10. I just killed a lvl 9 with 14 rounds of BP in an unmodded AKM. The remaining rounds in this mag, as well as 2 extra mags were .366 TKM FMJ.

  11. Yesterday me and a buddy were scav looting pier and heard someone creeping around outside the building with the safes… then heard them reposition to outside the fence by the water… my friend swung out on him and prefired… turns out it was another scav :/ we felt so guilty. Shouldn’t have been acting so sketchy though.

  12. Was doing a 3man scav run in shoreline an we decided to extract by the pier. On our way there we hear some scavs agro on someone inside the building before a shootout occurs and then silence. Friend tells me to nade the fuck out of the place and 3 VOGs later a Player scav was killed on the stairs. All the loot and weapons he had were from all the dead naked scavs in the building and my fence rep went up by quite a bit.

  13. You need to flee the country…i got a villa in france…i know a dude we can that name changed and that face rearranged XD

  14. I honestly feel you just have to think of it as you’re the one who welcomed them to tarkov and hope they stay a while 🤙🏼

  15. You ain't a man till you've destroyed a level 1 on factory with no mags just ammo in their pockets and the unmodded m4 with mp5

  16. Reminds me of the time I killed three players in the forklift spawn on factory. They had a perfect stack up aiming out of the door but I was wearing my cleaner kit and they had 2 M9 pistols and a MP5 so it didn't go well for them. I felt so bad as they dumped so many rounds and had deployed such a beautiful tactic but it was all for nothing.

  17. I killed a two man on interchange a few nights ago. Level 2 and four, scav guns. There is a special place in hell for people like us.

  18. My buddy and I was doing chemical part 3 last night and waxed this kid who brought food and water to factory lmfao I ran across bottom floor while my friend walked up the stairs closer to cellars and he was still aiming down the hall where I ran below lol.

  19. On my first voip scav run I ran into 3 lvl 5-10 PMCs they had ok gear but great for scabs, they didn’t expect me and I ratted the crap out of them felt bad because they were so clueless, got shot by another player scav thinking I was a PMC and died to light bleed haha

  20. Today on reserve I helped a scav who needed a flash drive. I ended up killing a pscav who had a zabralo armor on him and then gave it to the scav and explained the quest while I shot it and he healed.

  21. Nah show no mercy, just started a month ago and was shown none, it helped me get better and now I feel semi confident all the time

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