1. Whole Lotta' guys completely missing the point here. He's asking why there's so much redundancy, even this early on in the vendors

  2. Welp u know, nooone irl cares one bit about their lvl 60+ in tarkov, so they gotta bleed it somewhere innit. And what is a better place then posts from newbies.

  3. First, what’s the flaw? It just seems like 2 low level muzzles with negligible stat differences, presumably the 74 one is cheaper to reflect real life as (correct me if I’m wrong) it’s a lot more common.

  4. I mean one could just look at the different stats, that they themselves screenshotted, and save everyone a bit of time..

  5. Yeah seems like the regular 74 is just a bit better especially since iirc they both fit on the same guns. Presumably the 74u generally comes stock on 74us you loot and shit. As for why the traders sell both and why anyone would buy the 74u over the 74. . . Flavor. . . I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Its because this is Tarkov, where the developers are making gun porn with a game to support it. Its not about variety, or balance or anything like that, its for the people who think guns are neat.

  7. its just gun parts bloat, the performance difference is so little, people use the one they have on the gun by default

  8. Seems odd. Really the normal 74 brake should be the same volume, maybe a tad louder to the user or people off to the sides since some gases are redirected off. The 74u booster should not affect volume either but only pushes gas and sound out directly forward of the barrel

  9. I remember seeing comparison somewhere between some basic muzzle attachments and their produced muzzle flash, both from shooter and shootee perspective, so this might be the case, that could be easily checked in shooting range with lights off.

  10. Well there should actually be a stat for the 74u muzzlebreak to lower the chance of a failure to cycle. Since IRL that’s what it does. It is designed to increase the backpressure because the short barrel has difficultys to cycle the gun with a normal muzzlebreak.

  11. Its for realism, irl the 74u was designed to be eaiser and Cheaper to make so some sacrifices were made, In game I dont think the loudness actually effects and thing

  12. you're overthinking such a minor piece. pws cqb is never more than 20k or just wafflemaker if not an rpk edit: the timmy army has downvoted me to oblivion. shit.

  13. Yeah Idunno why they add shit like this. Like there’s so much shit they add into the game that just gets tacked on to the already big loot table. Friend and I joke about how every time patch notes come out we can’t wait to see all the new PM pistol ammo they add. There’s just too much pointless shit, I get there’s flavor and all that, which is nice but do you need THAT much of it? There’s legit so much useless ammo that nobody uses at all.

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