1. Gotta use them cheats before their monthly subscription expires, only way for em to make money now is barter trades on flea and carrying, both of which can be easily reported

  2. Yeah, but the time it takes to act on them, they will already be in profit and ready to buy another account before the current one gets banned. And it's not even a hardware or IP ban.

  3. Uh yeah, I mean, when people who purchase RMT can’t get RMT anymore, they probably get told that they can just cheat themselves. Not like BSG makes it hard, I know someone who hacked in like 11.0 and now twice on 12.0 on two different accounts, he hasn’t been banned once and regularly uses “NoRecoil, NoSway, and “Infinite Stamina”. I stopped caring enough to report him man, just watching how easily he does it and how many others probably do it as well just pisses me off. Like how can BSG not fucking detect that someone has no fucking recoil?????? Or that they’re never running out of fucking stamina??? Like Jesus.

  4. I saw a couple of posts talking about this and I jotted it down to the usual exaggerated posts on the main sub but after 3000 hours and only ever having a handful of encounters I’ve witnessed quite a few in the last couple of days.

  5. Just got hacked on for the first time ever since the new change. I guess they don't have what to do know since their market closed.

  6. I remember being downvoted when I wrote cheaters won't drop the game just because BSG trying to nerf their income... Well still I think I was right, but those circlejerk guys won't accept truth. More vids like yours please

  7. Same here. I said that the exposure to cheaters will be bigger because now they have to engage in fights. And the downvotes poured on my post.

  8. Cheaters might be butt hurt because they're source of revenue is taken away from them and now they're rage cheating in response. Just goes to show you how egotistical and dumb they are "How dare you protect your IP and try to make the experience fair for everyone, I'll show you !" /s

  9. It’s been bad bad on customs. Ran into 3. One guy was in fortress shooting us through walls across the map. Was able to get rounds in target just not enough fast enough.

  10. Absolutely I’ve seen a few blatant. This is my 4th or 5th wipe and this is the first wipe I’ve run into obvious cheaters. What’s going on right now?

  11. Had two hackers in the same day which had never happened to be previously. Hackers don't view EFT in a strict business sense like a CEO might view an income stream. That is: "Oh it isn't making money any more, better shut it down and look for a different way".

  12. Yea the game is plagued with them on every map, no safe to play currently for me. I have lost over 4 mill to cheaters today, so I think I will be finding a different game to play for a while

  13. I was one of the "the hackers aren't that bad" people but now I've seen more obvious hackers in the last 5 days than in the rest of my 1000 hours

  14. maybe like all hacker joining together so they can kinda riot ingame, and make the genuine players lose their minds

  15. The way I see it, the issue is that ever since BSG introduced the anti-RMT mechanics, the cheaters switched from vacuuming up the high value loot all over the map and selling that loot to doing carry runs / using their hacks to kill the whole server so they can feed their customers. Now, I’m up for anything that makes a cheater cry, but to be honest I’d much rather prefer cheaters vacuum some loot and leave me alone rather than flying to me with instant head, eyes. One directly affects my gameplay, the other not so much.

  16. They weren’t getting reported before when they were in the back lines stealing the economy from under your feet. Now’s your chance to report them and get them banned

  17. Same number of cheaters, less players playing the game right now because of the end-of-wipe cycle. Most of the playerbase has nothing to gain anymore, so they quit until next wipe. Cheaters pay to cheat (mostly), so they don’t quit the game. Just a higher percentage of active players is cheating right now

  18. I said this would happen. There's going to be a huge increase in lobby wiping hackers and less "drop off and hide" types, because now their income is dependent upon security for the party to wander.

  19. Thats 100% a cheater, sus dude is jumping mid air and facing straight towards garages and lands a headshot.

  20. Yea I got shot in the head multiple times by a level 10 with a raid bad altyn and a makarov, and in another raid had an entire ppsh drum dumped into my noggin with no misses

  21. Can't drop barter items, keys and keycards anymore. If you do, a message will pop up warning you that if you drop the item, it'll be destroyed. There's a few exceptions to this rule: you can drop up to 20k roubles in a raid, various quest items (two toolsets for farming for example) and one of each injector. Just check the patch notes if you want to know more.

  22. Glad I haven't seen any cheaters myself, but that's because I've been playing less due to the frequency of cheaters being reported lately.

  23. The rmt patch was to lure out cheaters. A lot of people who complained about how little of an affect it has on cheaters didn’t realize this. So if you run into cheaters report, and get them banned.

  24. One of the biggest examples of how fucking terrible the anti cheat is this hacker I have died to 4 times, he admitted to cheating in the messenger and even with photo proof he still isn’t banned.

  25. I wonder if certain maps are quieter? I'm first wipe and at that point where I'm having to do all the rogue quests on Lighthouse. I've had a lot more success the last few days. Some of it I would attribute to the fact that I tried and failed twenty some odd times, but also I am encounter far fewer PMCs. PVP hasn't really been a thing in my runs. Now it's just me getting killed by the Rogues instead of a mix of that and PMCs.

  26. Unfortunately I’ve noticed an uptick of blatant cheaters and I’m guessing it’s because we’re coming to the end of this wipe.

  27. Definitely not a game to decompress lol but I agree this is my go to game and I’ve been working a ton of overtime so when I get time to play I like to run a couple raids and I’ve just been getting absolute obliterated. It’s not even enjoyable to do scav runs anymore. I spend more time putting my loadout together than I do in raids

  28. As opposed to quietly vacuuming up all the loot and dropping it as non FIR items to players later on, they now all have to run carry services where they wipe lobbies and let people pick what they want from that singular raid. This patch would’ve been great in conjunction with some sort of system to combat straight up rage hacks, but alone it simply pushes hackers to make gameplay even worse. Before, I wouldn’t find any moonshine btc or amazing items, now I’m dying every raid that has a hacker so whoever they’re carrying can take the scope off my gornostay.

  29. That was a pretty aggressive left side peak with a sustained hard scope. Literally anybody could have killed you. It RUAF afterall

  30. my whole team died from the same guy, one was in front by the concrete pile, one was on other side of building by the extract. we all died within 10 secs of each other from same guy.

  31. I mean how do you know you got killed by a cheater? Do you have any proof the guy jumping through the hole was the guy that shot you? Do you know that he didn't know where you were since you weren't moving and he just got a lucky shot? Nothing about this clip says cheater, just bad luck or lack or awareness.

  32. I just forget it and move on. Im just glad they’re trying to be innovative on ways to combat cheating. They won’t really ever win against them.

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