1. Yeah but then you can price match it at Target and you’re already at Target and with gas prices what they are… plus I barely have energy to shop at my store most days let alone some place else.

  2. When our pfresh remodel is done, sure, then all my shopping will be done at work. But when most of what I get is not available in store better off going across the street.

  3. Both. Sometimes what I want is cheaper at Walmart even with our discount. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don't make enough money to be all that fussy and it's right across the parking lot anyway.

  4. Walmart, my Target in town is the small store so it has barely any food. Down the street the Walmart is Super sized, and I just find Target more expensive overall. But I like their clothes better.

  5. Aldi and sams club for groceries. Meijer for random things when I have bottle return money. And Target for home decor :)

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