1. Ans then tell you that the table (they chose) is dirty. On that note, never have a table that isn't wiped. If you can't wipe it right away, I leave ONE dirty dish on it, so it's hopefully apparentl...🙄😄

  2. If it's the only dirty table then it stands to reason that it's the best table, so I'm picking it. If there was a better people then the last people would have picked it and it would be the dirty table.

  3. I work at a seat yourself place. Two people will often sit at a 10 top. Another frustrating thing is when they sit themselves in a far off upstairs section. Like I get they want to be separate by why sit in the upstairs section. More for me to clean. I never tell them that though.

  4. I wouldn't mind if the host said "just seat yourself at any table your parties size", some people need the distinguishing clarification, I personally wouldn't sit at a 6top with a party of 2, but seen retail/hospitality long enough to know someone will if its not clarified

  5. At my bar its a common greeting to say "Hey guys, sit anywhere you like." Often they respond, "do we just sit anywhere????" "...yes, 'anywhere you like'." And then yeah, they take the six tops with two people.

  6. i had to change my phrasing to “you’re welcome to pick out any table set for [insert party size] and i’ll follow with some menus”. works much better, especially when i tell parties of two they can sit at a four top (when it’s slow)

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