1. While I haven’t verified that it fixed this problem for me, I can say for the first time in the 4/5 years I’ve used Tidal my headphones are set around 75% now today. I’ve had them mostly at 100% clearly hearing a volume drop at times for no reason. Sometimes I felt like they were only at half volume. Now I finally know why. Thank you!

  2. happens to me, i wrote tidal service regarding that drop in sound and how Master quality is significantly lower than Hifi, more as a fyi and they said the engineers are aware of the drop at the end of the tracks and are working on a release that fixes that, for the record it happens to me on iphone and macos and streaming as well but it stopped doing it last few days. i did reinstall bc the app takes over 10mins to load on macos macbook pro intel chip and they said to try that on my second service request.

  3. Yep. I’ve not used Tidal for a while now but I definitely had this a year or so ago. A few posts in here about it too.

  4. Happened on a drive last week. I was thoroughly annoyed. Took me a while to realize it was a Tidal problem.

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