1. Love when someone upload a mod an says: you should know how to install the mods don't ask for help, or just Google it

  2. There's a lot of space between refusing to provide any help at all and letting discussion spaces get totally clogged up with support questions, but you'd think it was an infinitesimally thin line from the way some of the people involved in this scene behave.

  3. Right? I had a question about autocrm malfunctioning. Heavy down voted because no one believes autorcm could possibly be glitching. Come to find out my entire install was glitching.

  4. Switch has not any of that i know of and by that i mean look at the state of this subs, people here are mean sometimes to others and people can be so ignorant sometimes by not looking at wiki or sticky post before posting thread with problem/issue and i wish we can be more like

  5. Every question has probably been asked before. I used to comment quite a bit and help people out, but it used to be the same questions over and over.

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