1. I use nxbrew for a lot of time and i confirm that is a prety Good site but it have a lot of ads so always use an adblock

  2. Speaking of ads, why the hell does all the mega links on xyz have an assload of them making mobile browsing impossible?

  3. Before I started using tinfoil, i just downloaded games from websites anyway. not a huge loss for me but tinfoil is very convenient.

  4. Just found that it IS just me. JITS uses your own google drive account. My drive is almost full so I was able to download a game that can fit on my drive. bigger ones won't be able to unless I clear some space. So yeah that's the reason some games downloaded and others didn't.

  5. i would say check it again, cause i have the server too and its all dead and gone bro, only a couple of emulators are there but the games like smash bros and mario kart are all gone

  6. uBlock was always the best option for me, just need to update the filters from time to time. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Just as well, Softcobra doesn't actually host the files on thier site. So it is much less likely to be brought down by the hammer of 'tendo. imo it's a safer option.

  8. I use soft cobra almost exclusively because the pop ups on nxbrew are unbearable. The trick is learning to navigate softcobra, using control+f and clicking on the hairline sliver in the box behind the ad on the decode site. I can’t even open nxbrew without browser getting hijacked 3 times. Just my 2 cents.

  9. Another great website is nswgame, it's a bit disorganized but the search bar works great lol. Haven't had anu issues with it even with recent releases like sports and lego starwars

  10. Just get tits pro, it is only $5 minimum (eshop card) and has an insane amount of games, good download speeds, and it also releases games before the actual release dates.

  11. The point of hacking your switch and installing games is to not pay for them, but yeah, faster downloads make me feel interested.

  12. People will pay 2-300 for a Switch, a couple hundred more for a mod chip if needed, or 5 bucks for a jig on Amazon, but asking to donate a 5 buck eShop code for unlimited games is an insult to their family, apparently

  13. Some, not all. TITZ Pro has personally dumped most of the newer releases you see on torrent sites as well as all the free sites/shops.

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