1. Hello! As far as I know, Svenska 3 is required for you to be eligible for a bachelor's degree in psychology, so by the time you will have completed all of your Komvux courses, I am sure you are well-equipped for your studies. 😊 Good luck!

  2. Yeah it is required in the Grundläggande behörighet! Thank you so much for the kind and empowering words!

  3. Yes, I know they are pretty high but not impossible to learn or achieve with enough studying, disposition, and motivation (Grundläggande behörighet + Matematik 2a eller 2b eller 2c, Samhällskunskap 1b eller 1a1+1a2).

  4. Is your partner Swedish? My best recommendation is practice orally as much as possible. Learn to stop being self-conscious about your imperfect pronounciation and just practice talking, talking, talking. That way, in my experience, foreigners learn the fastest. In due time you will feel much more confident 🙂

  5. Exactly, that is the way to go. Was married to a woman, now divorced though, from the Netherlands. Just listen and talk and now I am fluent in Dutch. No SFI there.

  6. Go for it! Exposure is key if you want to learn a language fast so my advice is to also immerse yourself with the language. Look at Swedish television, read comics and try to talk as much as possible.

  7. Hej, I studied Sfi and swedish 1,2, and 3 And now I'm studying at university in Swedish. You also have to do English 6 to access. It has taken me 8 years but I have not dedicated myself to it exclusively.

  8. That’s my plan too. To dedicate myself to studies exclusively, full time. I’m so glad for you! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  9. Yes, I’m very well aware of the fact that it is a BIG challenge but I’m confident that with enough time and effort I’ll get there, even if it takes a while.

  10. If you're motivated and dedicated, which it seems like you are, I have no doubt this is a realistic goal! Best of luck and fingers crossed for you!

  11. SFI sucks! I’m studying Swedish at Lund University and so many of the students are ex-SFI students that say SFI was a nightmare.

  12. Hi! Thank you for your answer. Are you studying svenska som andraspråk at Lund University? Is it distance learning? How much is it?

  13. Is your partner Swedish? That for sure should help, if you can get into the habit of actually speaking Swedish with them...

  14. I have a Spanish friend who teaches Spanish in Sweden, her partner is Swedish, and for what I can gather her Swedish is very very good. It took her 6 months full time to get going ( according to her) . She does not speak English at all, when I mentioned I would like to move there in the future, she told me having a grasp of the English language would make it much easier (I live in London).

  15. I suggest ha ing one hour of only Swedish at home per day starting right now. Doesn't matter if you express yourself like a child. Then bump to two hours and so forth. Immersion is exhausting but it is entirely necessary.

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