1. Ubiquinol for energy Type II collagen for joint health Algal Omega 3 for Brain Health Iron energy when needed not an everyday thing Magnesium salicylate for muscle Spearmint extract mood, sleep and next day alertness 1,3 Beta glucan for immunity

  2. The reason most supplements do nothing for most people is because they either are running it at too low a dose, or they are using inferior forms.

  3. I have tried over 50 supplements and have had noticeable effects with magnesium (no menstrual cramps anymore and less nervous), zinc and copper (felt stronger but I had a confirmed deficiency before) and lion‘s mane (no more brain fog).

  4. I really don’t notice huge reactions or effects from individual supplements either. I keep taking them anyway though. I take magnesium at night because it’s supposed to be calming, for example, but it doesn’t seem to have that effect on me. I am recovering from Vitamin D deficiency but don’t notice a thing when I take it. I do notice cumulative, long term effects of taking supplements, for example my nails growing faster, but that is about it.

  5. It helps not being under the influence of a bunch of other things. For example you will never feel something like theanine if you're also consuming large amounts of caffeine, alcohol, weed, and/or prescription psych meds like adderal or clonapin.

  6. I'm not sure how old you are but the older I get the more noticeable some things are. I really notice taking magnesium each day but 10 years ago I didn't notice a thing and I know I was more deficient then than I am now because I ate worse.

  7. Taking supplements could be useless if you're taking it only and hoping for a miracle, while having disorganised sleep cycle and a sedentary lifestyle, eating unhealthy and irregularly. Supplements are not a panacea, but an addition to your lifestyle aimed at healing or maintaining health. If you expect that taking some vitamins will improve your well-being - this is not how it works. Our body is a system, and the work of that system can only be changed in a complex way.

  8. Magnesium and zinc definitely act like minor tranquilizers for me. Vitamin C and D are better than coffee for waking me up. Fish oil + vitamin C give me tachycardia per my blood pressure monitor.

  9. Some people have hyperactive sympathetic nervous systems. Even slight perturbations that free up wasted energy can be euphoria-inducing for such people.

  10. Zinc and magnesium certainly work for me. Magnesium pretty much cured my sleeping issues without resorting to sleeping tablets that make me drowsy the next day. Vivid dreams are one of the side effects of magnesium, which i love. I found that you need to avoid the cheap supplements and usinf the ones that use ingredients that are more bioavailable. Many of the cheap supplements aren't going to be effective or may even turn out to be counter productive.

  11. Many people are suffering from various mental health issues and each of their circumstances are unique to them. Body chemistry is complicated and is still being learned and researched. Some supplements may fill a missing part for someone with depression or anxiety or focus, but if someone has a severe disorder, like👍🏻this guy, me,👍🏻 supps are not going to help much. That's where therapy and self work come in. Discipline and control of your emotions and body are so difficult to build and learn but it is absolutely attainable. I do still take some supplements and prescriptions but I have found the most improvement in changing small things in my routine. Doing something different and reflecting on that experience.

  12. I think when our health is suboptimal and also when our anxiety is high, we're more easily affected by smaller doses of things that disrupt the equilibrium. How much of that is legit and how much is placebo and hypochondriasis? Hard to say. I've been there before and nowadays I'm feeling better and not much fazes me so take that for what you will.

  13. I was told it's supposed to help with sleep. I've been taking it for a week, along with other sleeping pills and haven't noticed any changes yet.

  14. Its not just you as its me as well. Except things like ALCAR, Lecithin do give a reasonable focus. But never, 'this changed my life' type of stuff...

  15. If you are young and healthy and exercise and eat expensive foods with lots of nutrition, you technically don't need a thing.

  16. This is not true at all. I’ve been living with chronic migraines since I was 9 years old and have needed supplements to survive after trying everything else. I had to be homeschooled throughout adolescence due to it being so bad and supplements saved my life because I was so hopeless it would never stop. I couldn’t get out of bed and had multiple deficiencies. It’s not good to play into the idea that young people can’t have health problems as bad as older people or don’t need supplements.

  17. Some herbal supplements which have a definite noticeable positive effect for me when used properly are:

  18. This sub has a quarter million followers. When something happens someone is going to post. When someone perceives something happens, they are going to post. You are going to have a tendency to remember posts in which someone talks about something crazy happening over "I take my vitamin and don't feel anything." Its likely that most people fall into your category, as many supplements are fairly useless, only useful if you have a deficiency, or don't have in them what they say are in them. So someone could have a reaction to the actual supplement (adverse or not) or could have a reaction to something bad in the supplement. When you have a shit regulated industry, most of the market is going to be that - shit.

  19. Placebos, some caused by the cult-like following on Reddit of a certain nootropics brand. The hive mind has determined certain supps do certain things and the human mind is more than willing to believe it. A lot of supps work, but very very few are potent/life changing.

  20. Well when you think about how some people get amazing health benefits out of peanuts but others die you will start to use that equation with everything in life and understand things that you will never understand

  21. I think hyper , high anxiety people are prone to those reactions. I had a friend friend with ADHD that was always trying different things then announcing a newly discovered ailment etc. I'm very mellow and have rarely had adverse reactions to anything

  22. The only supplement(s) that have ever done anything obvious for me: magnesium (eliminated occasional late night leg cramps) and possibly melatonin (tends to make dreams more vivid).

  23. Yeah I tried magnesium glycinate and feel some positive effects on me, but I don't know if it's the magnesium or the glycin or both.

  24. While it's true that many of the more extreme reactions to supplements may be due to placebo effect making the supps more effective then they should be. In many cases, the people having bigger reactions are simply deficit in whatever it is. Sometimes things like brain fog or depression are caused due to lacking a vitamin or mineral, without a deficit only minor effects can occur.

  25. I feel like my brain still needs a lot of help, yet I also feel like 99% of supplements have zero effect on me. Some people empty a pinch from a capsule and say they feel this and that and I can take five capsules and feel no different.

  26. BCAA are the biggest scam specially if you already eat properly + get some clean isolate good quality whey

  27. A lot of it has to do with the brand - too low of a dose, inferior ingredients, improper forms that aren’t as bioavailable, etc

  28. Most supplements people take are just placebos. The mind is a powerful tool and if you can take something and convince yourself it’s working, sometimes that’s worth it.

  29. If you're lucky you can find what vitamins you're deficient in (either through blood work or by loading one for a couple weeks to see what it does).

  30. There are only a few supplements that I actively feel working, and even then I needed to take a break and feel their absence for a while until I truly understand how they affect me. I'm talking creatine, NAC and ALCAR. Every other not borderline drug supplement has always been very subtle or completely unnoticeable for me.

  31. You are mostly seeing posts from hypochondriacs who imagine their symptoms, it’s very common in every clinical trial of every drug that sometimes upwards of 20% of the placebo group will complain about side effects for a drug they aren’t even taking

  32. Not just you. Chances are if people are relatively healthy (i.e. no chronic disease), gets enough sleep and water, and eats some form of meat and vegetables or at least tries to, they'll be fine. If you feel perfectly fine, then chances are you probably are fine without any supplements.

  33. Not just you. Supplements based on nutritional components (like omega-3) have varying effects based on your bodies initial stores of it, there can be genetic components, and a few other reasons for differential results.

  34. I agree. Only supplements that I have actually noticed anything are from creatine, melatonin and magnesium (for sleep).

  35. I'm feeling mostly the same way. Even some of the borderline drug supplements do jack shit for me. Even though I have a healthy diet, plenty of sun and exercise and water. Sleep isn't optimal but I haven't found a good solution for that yet. Maybe something mental but not much I can do about that. I keep trying but so far pretty much nothing beyond caffeine affects me.

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