1. Just read updated guidance that federally-backed private student loans, or Federal Family Education Loans (FFELs) cannot actually be rolled into direct federal loans to apply for forgiveness. The worst part, NPR was like, "it's unclear why this is the case."

  2. It’s so wild to watch the DD unfold exactly as it said it would happen. Your comment should get more attention because you’re absolutely right

  3. Look, y'all are play God's unchained due to the reward, and I'm against it. I started losing. You people are going to make me play sober. I hope you are happy.

  4. I know there are haters, but I love Stadia. I've used it for years and I have a separate travel controller [THE best, come at me] and Chromecast that live in my luggage.

  5. There is no shortage of DD writers. As every layer of this shitshow unfolds, they will come out of the woodwork and illustrate the story

  6. Is there somewhere on Superstonk or even if someone could point me to another sub/website where I can learn how the wallet works? I'm confused on the transfer vs send to L1/L2 aspect of it. I haven't dabbled in NFTs before and just recently set up the wallet for God's Unchained. Any advice or reading material would be much appreciated since I know next to nothing about all of this. Thanks in advance!

  7. Same boat grind so I started experimenting early. I believe L1 is to hold and L2 you can transfer around and spend. I started with low amounts on LRC and played with friends to feel safe transferring anything. Not much help but there are videos out there. Be safe!

  8. The fact that I’m going to witness a stock’s float get locked in my lifetime is absolutely wild as fuck. How many “once in a lifetime” events are gonna keep happening??

  9. Im gonna say something thats purely conjecture: i feel like a lot of ppl haven’t drsd bc they intend to paper hand… they believe a little but they havent gone full Ape. They keep up with the community but they don’t see themselves as being able to change the status quo (the successful result of the elites propaganda). They will be panicking to exit before the rocket lifts off. This does not affect diamond handed Apes however educating all Apedome about the pertinence of DRS is the way.

  10. I don't get how this corrupt system has lasted so long. You would think every CEO of every publicly traded company would be against naked shorting and be rioting because of whats happening in the market... is it just that hard to prove legally?

  11. I survived another day my ape friend, I’m in Haines city bout 30 mins from Orlando on vacation from NJ. I still got no power 💎🙌🦍🚀🌝

  12. Interesting. Mayo Force One just took off from Miami. Definitely heading somewhere outside the contiguous US mainland - transponding in the clear as N68KP.

  13. question for smarter apes: as a European, should I keep my savings in dollars rather than euros or the current dollar position is not to be trusted?

  14. How many people buy Pokemon cards? and how many of them actually redeem the online code? Now imagine if those codes would give NFT packs to the online Game?

  15. AMTD (ticker: HKD) went from something like $43 to $1,679 in a week, why aren’t they making movies about that? I guess the wrong people profited on that one…

  16. I read his dd. Impressive. I had a hard time relating it to GME because I’m no lie seriously retarded. But I figured it out with the help of some stick figure drawings.

  17. uncertain as to how long i will have to wait for a new lambo since they are all sold out for this year.

  18. The only thing you need to know about the new gme doc is it has Crymer bitching about having his face put on animals asses. That's it

  19. If you haven’t watched House of the Serpent on HBO, it’s amazing. It’s a prequel to Game of Thrones.

  20. I've been waiting for the squeeze. But after reading strange things vol.2... i really think I need to make money and lots of it fast

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