1. Look at 11am when GME went parabolic and got halted. BBBY had a moonshot from 21 -> 28 minutes before. I’m completely of the mind we had a few margin calls.

  2. Agreed... I remember "melvin" being a word that meant the same as "wedgie". Hedge funds having high short interest sounds like a reasonable association...

  3. In the UK, calling some a Melvin is like saying they're a muppet, an idiot, someone with little common sense.

  4. Pretty sure it used to mean a wedgie so deep you’d pull their underwear over their head. Quite fitting I think.

  5. Imagine you spend your entire life working towards building Melvin Capital, get called the finest investor of your generation (lmao), only to fuck up so badly that you’re now a dead company after losing all your money to a pack of retarded apes. And now, your name is used as an adjective to describe failure.

  6. It’s also from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Pulling someone's underwear up their butt is called a “melvin.” It's been called that at least since the seventies. According to the writers of the movie.

  7. Right around 11am EST you can see it jump across alot of shorted tickers, like straight up. That's a Melvin.

  8. Yup I was like GG someone got wiped. And you can see alllllll their bets LOL. That guy should have called Kenny and just have Kenny eat the position 😂

  9. I have an issue with the phrasing "getting squeezed" because it implies another party exerted buy side pressure in order to attack parties with short positions.

  10. After MOASS and everyone that hung in is buying new homes and cars,,, I wonder what the backlash will be when everyone else finds out they were lied to about these stocks & missed the boat?

  11. Doesn't this essentially mean we're in for another massive market correction? They already eviscerated the tech sector and bitcoin, who's up next? Where do these guys still have assets to liquidate for getting Melvined?

  12. When I was growing up, getting “Melvined” was the same as getting “wedgied”. I can’t think of a better verb for what we’re doing to these bastard HFs. 😂😂😂

  13. Yep everything was jumping 4-12% today…….I always said, the market wouldn’t crash if GME 🚀, the market would thrive as short positions everywhere would be closed.

  14. Beware this post might be to get you interested in what this shill has to say going forward

  15. Untrue. I have a watchlist for most heavily shorted stocks. Majority didn't rise or rose <5%. Many were hammered down, then went up to not make a big difference in price.

  16. I don't like replacing words with other words b/c it distorts the actual meaning of the legally accurate action or event that is occurring or has taken place.

  17. Makes you wonder if any one particular, less than obvious or publicly talked about entity injected any number of billions of dollars in the market to keep it liquid enough to prevent the whole f’n thing from crashing down.

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