1. So not only is organized bankruptcy via “special” consultants and naked shorting a thing but relisting delisted companies for the sake of more naked shorting? They’re double dipping the infinite dip and at this point I’m both unsurprised and infuriated. Imagine SOL Global helping an elderly person who’s fallen onto the ground only to Spartan kick them back down. Same fucking thing.

  2. while betting that the elderly person would get spartan kicked by someone(who knows it could be anyone) after they helped pick them up

  3. It’s exactly what they are and have been doing for years, they call themselves “merger and acquisition managers” to hide their crime under an unsuspecting name. I fucking hate them.

  4. Any brand that competes with big soda (KO, PEP, KDP) gets cellar boxed into oblivion. Large financial institutions have huge ownership in these brands, and want them to maintain their dominance. That's why National Beverage Corporation $FIZZ is one of the stocks that exploded last January. Their La Croix brand was eating into big sodas margins. If La Croix disappears in a couple years, you know why.

  5. Jones Soda. Wow. This was a great read. THANK YOU for the Jones Soda patent info. DD or not that’s just good content.

  6. This is crazy. Makes me wonder what kind of magical utopian future we missed out on because of these parasites sabotaging every good company for the last God knows how many years.

  7. Maybe the RC's McDonald ice creams in early 2021 was about Simply Mac bc how tied to GME it was in the past. Maybe deserves a more look into it? I don't like loose links like that but something in me rang a bell when I read Simple Mac's name and remembered about RC's tweets.

  8. Jones Soda is still around, same ticker. OTC now, stock is sub-$1. (I've held shares of Jones for quite some time. Absolutely love their soda!)

  9. (Not GME related, but) I believe SOL owns the cannabis company that Jones is trying to partner with for CBD sodas. SOL backed out once, but gained more ownership as a sign of good faith. If I remember correctly they also signed a "letter of intent to create a plan". This should be on the earnings call for Q4 '21. I didn't hear about the BO offer in April, I stopped trading it in March when it dropped irrationally.

  10. Every day I learn that cunts are making money from holding back the human race and exploiting the things that give us some small solace from the fucking agony of being held back.

  11. Hello! I read your post yesterday and today SIMPQ is up to $.45 from $.02. Awesome write up! Just wanted to point out to you that you are onto something here!

  12. Bro fuck SOL Global, leave Jones Soda alone. I remember drinking that. Their formulation slaps coca cola in right in the testies. Its simply a better product. It did command quite a price premium over coke but it tasted way better.

  13. Wow fantastic write up! You have a natural way with words that makes it easy to read and understand, and I super appreciate that you paste the link and text for whatever you are referencing.

  14. it's unbelievable your posts haven't gained more traction - or, rather, it makes a shitton of sense since they're uncovering the types of things that a lot of people would much prefer to stay buried.

  15. Honestly this is where I start liking China because if you are just going to suppress progress by bankrupting companies and stifling innovative IP then someone else might as well swipe it and use it without your consent and make bank on it. The SHFs win in the short timeline but in the large scale one the country will fall behind as IP costing 1000x is stolen for 1x. The more endangered a country is the more valuable its population when it comes crying back for support.

  16. Holy shit I remember the first time I had a jones. I was a kid and I loved them never thought I’d see that name pop up here

  17. Great read....didnt understand a lot of it but very well written....where i got to parts that i didnt understand my simple knuckledragging brain decyphered extreme fuckery.... many thanks for taking the effort to research this and finally crash it all out..!

  18. Lol i worked at a Sears essentials in 2005 until late 2007 as a teen. I specifically worked in the pantry. I remember jones soda from that time and it was kinda 🔥. This is clearly a sign from morpheus that i should continue to hold. Gotta say this simmy is getting wild but simmy is confirmed

  19. I'd not have thought I'd be reading about Jones soda after seeing your comment on expensive twos post.

  20. What the hell. I always wondered what happened to Jones soda. I used to see them at grocery stores and then no longer.

  21. Too much text and too little straight to point. You need to improve the delivery and make it more sharp. It feels like you repeat the same things 5 times.

  22. Koss Bluetooth headphones: does Koss also receive royalties from Bluetooth speakers? It would appear they leveraged an existing "prior art" in Bluetooth tech.

  23. Thanks for the DD! I am fascinated by how this organized crime works. So much is surfacing....and we have a long way to go....but I see a more beautiful world ahead. <3

  24. the only thing you have right about koss is inventing the stereo headphones in the late 50's everything else is wrong

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