1. RC isn’t actually causing the squeeze. The squeeze is happening because a bunch of filthy rich pricks wanted even more and took risky chances they shouldn’t have, got caught by crayon snorters, and are now in for more than they can handle. RC isn’t a catalyst; he’s just a guy running a company :-)

  2. They got greedy because they knew they would be bailed out. They doubled down because they knew they would be bailed out. They are still shorting and distorting because they know they will still be bailed out.

  3. I hope he does to the stock market what mark cuban did to the expensive medications. Another avenue for the population to not be screwed over.

  4. He’s going to be the richest man on earth by a retarded margin once this is all said and done.

  5. I just want to invest in companies that actually work and see them succeed or fail based on the results of that work rather than Wall Street’s manipulation of their money.

  6. And it’s worse that manipulation goes into congress who can ensure the success or demise of particular companies with favorable or unfavorable laws.

  7. I know. I bet so pissed every time I think about how I used to believe, as my parents and grandparents, that the way to be a smart, solid investor was to research about an industry, a company, and you put real effort into choosing good companies to invest in. I feel like you could spend all your free time trying to do this, and it is all for naught. Manipulated beyond any relevancy to the company.

  8. Not gonna lie, I was skeptical on the whole, “new blockchain exchange” narrative on here, but after today’s tweet, that might actually be true. Mind blown.

  9. There's the working class and there's the parasite class who leeches off of the working class. Ryan is telling us that in spite of his success, he's part of the working class and is still working. For us, for a better world, for change.

  10. Ill gladly help people and finally get the medical care I need! Doctors just do not enjoy hard to find issues.

  11. No, they do not. The average person's doctor is apathetic and has a job of grinding through as many patients as possible. Everyone is getting half-assed care.

  12. This post has jacked my tits more than anything else. I hope even half of us care enough to make a change. It will be huge. If it's 3/4 it will be absolutely mind blowing.

  13. Totally agree. Imagine bringing high-quality education to the masses, in a few decades we'd have so many new professionals ready to help society. Imagine giving medical and scientific research giant budget boosts, the amazing helpful technologies they could create. We might get that kind of power.

  14. Well said. Love your post! However, I wouldn’t be so sure of your wording saying “…he is doing it,” related to moass. He is doing big things with GameStop, Loopring, GMErica that we either know of or can speculate. Absolutely! Don’t think he considers any kind of MOASS, though. We dream big here, he’s just Working.

  15. Lambo first. Everything else I'll do after I drive off the lot, for society. It's the only thing I want.

  16. Based on the possibility of GMERICA and Loopring bringing the new financial system, I believe the best play is actually to never sell.

  17. I’m going to expand my farm and hire and pay a very handsome wage complete with full benefits. The people that work here won’t work for me, they’ll work with me and as we expand they’ll be able to work towards their own stake of ownership and be able to support their entire families doing it. I’m going to throw a wrench into the old model so fkn hard. All the best ideas for sustainable food production will find their way here and together we will change our part of the world.

  18. I saw this lady today in the Dollar Store trying to do a full grocery run and count the items on the screen as they were scanned. I wished MOASS had already happened so I could’ve paid for everything and sent her home with extra money. Soon, I’ll do all the giving back I’ve dreamed of. I don’t need a Lamborghini or massive home. I just want my family to have no worries and help everyone around me.

  19. I don't think you have to destroy yourself working or anything close to that. Just being a responsible, or even better, activist investor with MOASS money is more than enough. That requires some work doing research, however. But I have a feeling this community is going to research that too after MOASS.

  20. Soon we will have the freedom of time to listen to our mission. Your mission can change, and it can be anything that makes you feel fulfilled and brings joy and/or value to the world. It can be big or small, short or long term, whatever satisfies your calling. Maybe post moass, all of us apes will view work like RC views work. Not tedious but meaningful and something that we should take as seriously as we take life itself. Having a loving family and lots of friends is important, but what you do is really what defines you. How do you see the world? How to you express that? By becoming the change that you want to see in the world. A bit cliche maybe, but I’m starting to take it to heart. Imagine if everyone took their work as seriously as RC does. Imagine that world.

  21. I pledge to build the best damn rail transportation system this world has ever seen. I’m not an engineer, but I’ll find people smarter than me to help.

  22. No wonder these guys are fighting it so hard; their boomer banking and financial systems are about to crumble and give way to decentralised personal finance and philanthropy - the opposite of their corrupt game. Power to the individual, power to the players

  23. Remember how Tony Stark couldn't sleep after the first alien attack of New York? For some us, 2001 and 2008 are all rolled into one big waking nightmare that is still going on.

  24. One connection I haven’t seen anyone make yet from his China train tweet is the upcoming ethereum merge. The difference in speed between ETH and ETH 2.0 is commonly compared to a steam powered locomotive and a bullet train

  25. I don’t have a full fledged DD on this thought, yet, but it’s been marinating for months.

  26. I’m excited for the trickle down effect. Wall Street loses money, they lose lobbying/bribing power in DC, politicians become less corrupt, possibly of true representation of the people in future elections.

  27. I'm a nurse practitioner and I dream of opening a homeless shelter that helps people get on their feet and provides the things they need to do that including free health care. It is so sad and sickening that we have so many homeless in this country while there are so many filthy rich with multiple homes and enough money to give every person a home but instead they horde

  28. Interesting takes. I think the work thing is more of a throwback though to the time when people worked their butts off to achieve, like RCs dad.

  29. You truly get it. RC and his team, including the GameStop board and Loopring org, are going to succeed in changing the system and the world not just because they made the right play, but because they have a completely different way of thinking and life philosophy than the people currently in power. The old way of thinking how society should work is proven to be flawed and is obsolete, change is inevitable.

  30. They want to see a real insurrection not one where the people politely walk through the capital minding the velvet ropes. What a joke jan 6 was. Gonna be a financial insurrection. Time for the common man to be able to lobby the laws we need and stop the corruption

  31. I get what you mean and 100% agreed with you when I first read that tweet. But he's not talking about supporting the specific insurrectionists we're thinking about and their attack that happened in recent history. He believes that when people on top are abusing their power, the people have to rebel against the establishment. A (financial) revolution.

  32. I really hope we are successful in this huge event we have been riding and learning and getting discouraged about. Nevertheless we hold the fuckin line for true massive societal change!!

  33. You can keep your public transportation. It is not better for me. But by all means give me more space on the road. My car=freedom.

  34. It's fine if you like cars and want to own one. But building a city's important infrastructure around cars and making it basically necessary to own cars is just objectively awful, awful planning that brings so many problems. Doesn't make any sense unless the objective is to maximize car manufacturers and oil company's profits.

  35. Honestly after moass I kinda plan to but most of my wealthy to jumpstart their system as people will follow where the money flows and if there is cash to be made it’ll be on Layer 2.

  36. I think he knows when it all goes down that people are going to take a magnifying glass to the past tweets. Then, he’ll go silent, and we’ll cherish what time we all had.

  37. How about Ryan comes on and does an old fashioned AMA ? What's the SEC going to do ? Fine him $5k ? A stern warning? I don't think the SEC has grounds to do jack shit after the laughable policing they have done lately.

  38. Hell yeah glad you got traction with this post. It’s been foreshadowed in the website code from a couple of months ago. “Power to the people” showed up if you copied the image text for their creator app form:

  39. I would make sure that society doesn’t forget about the forgotten that those who cannot speak have a voice those who don’t have much will have so that way we can all live in peace and harmony as one if I had the means I would make sure everyone thrived I love my fellow men and women and would bring about the change that is needed so even my enemy would live comfortably

  40. Y'all should check out the Book of Judas. They been broadcasting gnostic Christianity to anyone that could listen for decades, and here we are.

  41. All I want is financial liberty, where I don't have to worry about a medical bill or a mortgage... also I want a triumph black bobbler

  42. Time is a concept made up by the Egyptians to work the slaves more efficiently between sunrise and sundown. Since then it has been used to line the 1%s pockets and is rarely used to give people a life worth living. Imagine a world without the concept of time. You get to spend a day like you want, stress free. This does by no means exclude WORK, but once you remove the strain of 'time' and just work for the betterment of yourself and others, you will begin to see real progress made, instead of a buttomline showing how much "money" (not real, made up) you make "over time" (again, not real!).

  43. Lets say you are right, i wonder who else is still in the shadows waiting for us to come with a power to change many things, i don't think if this what you call si the plan that he is and come up with it alone.

  44. The China Tweet can have all the apophenia you can muster but it is very unsettling he even wrote that, and he should know that. Quite disgusting even.

  45. Why is that exactly? The CPP is beyond disgusting but that doesn't mean China, as in the people or the country that he is mentioning, is some sort of enemy. They are people too, and in an awful situation. China's high-speed rail network doesn't exist because of the CPP's crimes.

  46. I believe this to be inaccurate. RC is fed up that there are apes attempting to hodl to get rich and change the system. At first it seemed possible. Now he is realizing how jacked up the system is and is left now with merely calling out how corrupt and unfair the market is.

  47. The insurrection comment is totally hyperbolic. Shills want to connect him to something negative to try and divide support for him as chair and GME as a company.

  48. Buy and hodl. Hate to break it to you RC will not set off MOASS, we do by buying and holding. Power to the people for saving his company. “Work” was tweeted because they were hiring at a time nobody wanted to work and unemployment was high. I like RC but he will not make a move til after MOASS. It’s best for the company to raise funds and take your time perfecting operations while people hold. After MOASS a lot of people will get out causing price to go down. He will need to them move forward executing everything they said they are going to do to raise price back up and run the company like a champ. No FUD but start giving yourself a lot more credit for Diamond handing.

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