1. If there was EVER a justification for a faithless removal of a certain stock from the DTCC I’m not sure it gets any more clear than this.

  2. Well, if they’re gonna bail them out, then that should incentivize apes to hold for infinity even more. Let’s see just how much money you’re willing to use for said bailout

  3. What's worse is they are incentivizing them to cheat bigger. It basically says if you fuck up big enough where lots of rich people will lose money, we will bail you out. If you cheat a little you are on your own, but if you cheat big we got you. I mean WT actual F?

  4. Can’t we ask GameStop, as shareholders, to call on a vote to take our shares and put them into gme’s blockchain?

  5. I've been saying for about a year now that if retail owns the float (or a significant portion) then retail has power to influence the company. Kind of makes me wonder if there is something like a union for investors to organize and advocate for share holder rights. I guess that might be politicians. But retail cant afford them.

  6. I swear if all we get are more shit posts I’m gonna be pissed…..and cry, still hodl and pray harder to exit poverty.

  7. Surely it's better that RC executes the plan he's been hatching all along, rather than reacting to the congressional report. Patience is key and we need to trust RC. We'll get ours.

  8. They cheat then pat themselves on the back. If you’re such a good investor why do you need to insider trade? You do when you suck and just tell yourself you’re good

  9. This is just a bunch of spoiled kids saying, "Nuh uh! You never tagged me! It doesn't count because I say so!"

  10. Have I grown a whole wrinkle? I thought the same thing before I read what Dr. Trimbath had to say! Watch out world! A slightly less retarded ape is making his way in the world!

  11. So, hedge funds have accounts at brokers. Hedge funds take on risky positions, including risky short positions. Hedge funds put the brokers at risk. Hedge funds can’t pay. Brokers put DTCC at risk. Brokers say they can’t pay. DTCC: “no problem fam, we got you, we’ll waive you having to put up more money” (…until the shady hedge funds start paying their shills to shit on companies they’ve shorted to get the price to go down so they have to put up less capital, and the brokers turn off the buy button to put less upward pressure and make the price go down, and the collusion between Robinhood and other entities to short GameStop before the buy button was turned off.)

  12. I'm surprised the millionaires are still investing in hedgefunds, they just said you can get robbed to 0 and no one will let you know, your millions or even Billions in value can be erroded down to nothing and no one will stop it by the time you find out your broke and the CEO like Vlad are taking their million dollar paychecks home while running your investment into the ground 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  13. Aren’t the bailouts for if they do make a mistake they can pay for it using government money instead of their own?

  14. Exactly, we also have a very public example of one losing half their clients funds and then rather than have responsibility or a moral/reputational desire to make it back for them, they just close that fund and open a new one to make bonus right away.

  15. Honestly I don't expect them to do a god damned thing, nor for the sec or any institution to even raise a hand. I expect they'll say it's xyz bullshit thing.

  16. Listen if a report came out that no matter how much money I stole from a bank that the fine was $5,000 do you know what I'd do tomorrow? Rob the shit out of a bank. If there's no tangible risk for my actions then what stops me, morality? I think there's a supply shortage currently on wall street. God damn Putin

  17. We need direct democracy by verified personage as blockchain or something. Quit paying the IRS, no taxation without representation, public servants of a weak minority legislates to become public masters. I sure hope there exists a sword in the hands of a righteous group ready to be used for the good of all life and the future of humanity…

  18. And this is why I worry we’ll never win. They don’t play fairly and change the rules whenever it suits them.

  19. And this is why I worry we’ll never win. They don’t play fairly and change the rules whenever it suits them.

  20. Shorts still have to close. One option would be print additional money for moass. Lets assume the top price will be 1m usd, 200.000 people, avg is 80 shares, 5 % will paperhand sub 10k, top 5 % will sell for 1m usd,

  21. If i ever felt wrinkly i dont anymore after reading this. Still as smooth as ever. Will check the comments for an adult’s explanation

  22. Classic case of market manipulation when a broker, SHFs and DTCC collude to interfere with the natural functions of the stock market in order to benefit themselves at the expense of a company.

  23. This is why the other news was pushed so heavily. This is 2008 all over again. They are literally getting bailed out and apparently avoiding losses they created is a strategy when you can just do whatever the fuck you want and have infinite liquidity on your side.

  24. Oh good, the self regulated monopoly controlling US markets is a "Systemically Important Financial Market Utility" and needs more freedom in shuffling around risk instead of more oversight managing it... what ever happened to:

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