1. I am waiting for the real app. Not going the route of kiwi browser and the getting the wallet. I am fine using my wallet on PC/Chrome. The marketplace ain't even out yet so I'm not in a rush.

  2. Not the best explanation, but if you want it on your phone, download the kiwi browser. It can run chrome extensions (GameStop Wallet). Get kiwi, install wallet extension. Follow the normal wallet guides after that.

  3. Anyone who isn't very be techie will tell you this method...but anyone who is a smart ape will tell you...don't do this... Use brave on pc...wait on GameStop.

  4. It doesn't play everyone's cool nft games and incase there's any goodies on the marketplace on day 1 for current wallet holders, I'd rather not miss out

  5. Download the Kiwi Browser from the Playstore, go to wallet.gamestop.com, go to the Chrome extension and add it to the kiwi Browser. You can open the wallet from the three dots in the upper right corner and scroll all the way down.

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