1. This is not any type of crazy text TA or anything just a basic of chart mechanics. Just posting for those who might not be too familiar with such knowledge… This is what you want to keep your eyes on. Remember always click on the 1 Month time scale and have moving averages indicator on.

  2. Yep crossing IN THE DIAMOND PATTERN. The chart has been in a giant diamond pattern, the diamond pattern is the big play….everyone always want to talk about triangles because that’s what’s clearly visible …. And a triangle is technically the edge of the diamond

  3. I always do….. not bragging I’m just mentioning how I never create a “TA” topic unless I really know possible outcome. I also never post anything technical, just always trying to explain “the road we are driving down”

  4. Holy shit it looks like The five day moving average on the one week time scale chart might cross the 10 and 20 MAs… Which would be a chain reaction into the one month time scale chart

  5. There are dozens of things going on at the same time. It really is a stroke of chilly brilliance to be able to coordinate everything. To be completely honest with you it is options driving the price 100%. I’m not throwing out an “options advertisement” just explaining what I see with price movement. With that said, NONE of the easy driving w/ use of professional options buying/selling, would be possible WITHOUT THE ARMY OF US HOLDING THE SHARES. Personally I buy options however I do not believe retail could make much of an impact unless everybody bought in and was able to get there contract in the money.

  6. Just to let everyone know, all of this up and down price fluctuation is to do one thing… To slowly bring down the 10 and 20 day moving average is on the one week and one month short while at the same time bringing up the five day moving average for an eventual crossover. If we have a golden crossover on the weekly and monthly, let’s just say this is not a test

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