1. it's going to be a movie people will talk about in 100 years. The saga about the change of the financial system. fuck yeah

  2. If the MSNBC tiktok about the upcoming diamond hands special thing is real then yes they are trolling. Most likely were told not to, but now are trolling even harder haha

  3. Exactly this. Given what they did with 4nnc it’s very clear that they hired a young guy to try to handle things the ape way. Expect more attention-whoring like this in the following weeks.

  4. What call was this? I'm sorry to sound skeptical but if you are going to throw around something so interesting I would like more details. What's an ape space call?

  5. “Space Call” is a feature on twitter when users join an audible discussion to chat on a variety of subjects. Popcorn has a strong twitter presence and Ape’s often host these space calls to talk Stonk.

  6. Why would they need to join or care about GME, they closed all their positions. That's what the media is ramming down our throats, don't they know this throat is for crayons only?

  7. This has nothing to do with GameStop and anyone can put that icon as their avatar.... Quit trying to get free karma

  8. If that was an popcorn call it’s really odd. First the twitter thing where they even mentioned DRStrange after Adam Aron mentioned this name in a very weird way durin earnings which led to popcorn apes thinking of it as a hidden message that people should DRStrange and DRS now is starting again to gain momentum in their sub(s). Now that weird call joining. What’s going on?

  9. What are they even doing over there? Cut the coke out and focus on closing. This is getting embarrassing for them. First spelling the wrong theatre in the popcorn post now this? How unsophisticated.

  10. All along they have tried to scream "colution" and "market manipulation" on the side of Retail Investors and all along the FACTUAL evidence has proven both of those claims to be pointed at the Brokers and HFs side instead......I'm sure any listening in they did was in hopes of trying to find something to go running to the Fed. Gov. and SEC about us mean and corrupted "retarded apes"

  11. probably just laughing at how dumb those investors are. they think there will be a popcorn moass but they’re really just helping citadel control gme price

  12. They call apes dumb money? They only reason they have money is because they cheat. Karma will strike back it always does. They’re showing weakness and do one more huge short to try to shake apes out and it will just be a massive sale. TLDR: Hedgies R Fuk 🚀🚀🚀

  13. This feels like some horror movie scene, you’re running from the killer and think you’re free, you’re overcome with joy and relief and you turn around and see the killer standing over you.

  14. What could they possibly glean from this? “ sir they’re still not selling until you’ve been arrested and found guilty of securities fraud”

  15. Yeah, I'm calling this bullshit until I get more proof. Any schmuck can edit a photo to put Citadel on it. Hell, it might even be OP.

  16. Wouldn’t they know they were gonna be seen? We don’t really believe they were trying to listen in secret, right?

  17. Seems like they're subtlety trying to bring about a narrative of interest into popcorn. I guess they want to direct the fomo somewhere that won't hurt as much

  18. Messing with Popcorn, apparently. I think at this point they know better than to put our name in their mouth because it seems to backfire every time they do.

  19. Just an echo chamber of hate towards🍿.. for a much as you seem to hate 🍿 you sure do bring them up a lot.

  20. Like when the little rascals went to the bank to get a loan except citadel didn’t even fuckin bother to put on a disguise

  21. Feels like they are here now, noticing sus increase in folks online at this time of day, about 15k more than usual..shill bots?

  22. OK. Hear me out here. Couldn’t anyone just use that as their profile pic? I see that it shows verified but I mean come on Photoshop…

  23. Yeah this is 100% fake. Also these are popcorn goofballs. I wouldn't expect much knowledgeable thought coming from this group. They even have those retarded Lazer eyes.

  24. Not to be that guy but couldn't that be anyone? I can def see myself or any ape putting their name as cit securities cause that shit is pretty funny

  25. I’m curious feels like citadel had been our nemesis this whole time … what if they have a change of heart … then again they’re locked in those swaps and locked in for the ride because MOASS is today!!

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