1. When moass starts I’m goin dark. I’ve been here with you all for a year now and I know you’re all holding for world changing money and financial revolution. No need to even let them into my mind.

  2. Right? Idgaf about any gain porn. I know why I’m here and I trust those ~128k drs’d hodlers know why too.

  3. Mods. Auto ban on gain porn, please and thanks! 👊🏾🦍🟣 Edit: thank you very much for the award kind 🦍. 👊🏾

  4. I’ll go as far as saying I’ll volunteer to be a temp mod to issue bans on gain porn. I can only imagine how hard they’ll get hit

  5. I've been thinking on this, and I'm actually way more curious of what's to come than fearful. Ape's are not the same as they were that fateful day the the buy button was turned off. Fud simply does not phase an ape anymore. I know they are going to pull out all the stop, send everything and everyone they have at us. We know the Game, The price is Wrong, We are Zen. The Moon Awaits. Fuck you Kenny!

  6. It won’t happen here because we’ll be actively downvoting and reporting but the other subs would probably welcome it. You all know who were talking about. We need to make sure we pivot that into FOMO for the regular people out there. Turn it around on them. We stay zen. We know our own individual sell (cell 😏) price. We will not fall for their next attempt at FUD.

  7. Just want to point this out there, that on the right hand side of every post, there's a "Rules" section. Number 8 is "No Gain/Loss Porn". Your fears are not misplaced, but this sub is a different place than others.

  8. Over 70k users on this sub today at any given time. The most I’ve ever seen. They’re preparing their army of bots to engage.

  9. Is funny how people understand that the legacy institution of the NSYE can be 100% fraudulent, but still trust reddit would display the accurate number of people online in this forum, the only forum where this is "happening", the one with eyes from ALL sides constantly trained on it. Yea reddit admins probably had it display 10-12k online for so long to mask the likely outrageous true number, considering the vast majority of forum users don't participate.

  10. I don’t know about that but a lot of shills have been screenshoting negative social sentiments across SuperStonk. I think that’s the new FUD now

  11. I don't give a fuck if people hit $100m a share and post it, it's against the sub rules regardless but I could care less about a gains post. Someone else's finances are their business and have no effect on my money or stance in this.

  12. The only counter point I have for those worried is that this squeeze will NOT be played out in one single trading day. No matter how much fud is presented it will take weeks for this to play out. Hell, it would be nonstop fud for 2 weeks I imagine

  13. We have forged diamond hands, not about to paper hand when it counts. Ban all selling screenshots. Heck ban any pics of account positions at all if that's what it takes (allow pics for DD and stuff). We must combat the MOAF and hold for big numbers

  14. I feel like mods should lock the whole sub once it hits a certain price point, maybe 1-2K? That way the price sky rockets the rest of the way FUD free while we're all shoving objects in our orifices.

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