1. And the mass exodus of companies who care about free and fair, will follow gme to its blockchain exchange bc the DTC has no idea what a fiduciary is.

  2. Honestly hope the recent crypto sell off doesn't scare off a lot of potential new investors/users from the nft marketplace. People's refusal to accept that this is something worth believing in is still a huge hurdle i deal with daily.

  3. They crashed crypto and the stock market too. I mean, where are ppl going to put their soon-extremely-devaluated money ? Bullish on NFT.

  4. Honestly something big is coming. He has been so vocal about how he feels about the markets and I would be surprised at this point if he’s not just making his own.

  5. Ryan Cohen, first of his name. Warren Icahn of investing, Father to all free apes, Chair Man of the One True Stock, And the King of the North.

  6. This is the beginning of the end. Ryan Cohen has been playing 69d chess all this time and has been a step ahead the entire time. We truly are in the endgame. The game is about to stop. BUCKLE UP APEROOS!!

  7. He absolutely bought more. And so did I. 4 days straight of a share a day! And you best know what’s coming tomorrow… payday 👀👀👀👀👀 I can’t get any more tit jacked without having to report a robbery that my tits got jacked.

  8. Ain’t happening on these exchanges, with these market makers, banks and their fully-bribed regulators. Build us a fair market, RC!

  9. Cmon Ryan slam your nuts on the table and show that you bought as much as you legally could

  10. Four halts in a day after having the price manipulated straight down for a month straight. The market is run by criminals. I wouldn’t personally invest a dime in a company being run by someone other than RC. He gets it.

  11. I put a buy order with CS when it hit $100, it hit $90, I’m like, hell yeah, then $80, I’m like buuuuy it! Then it’s up to $90 again, I’m like nooooooo. CS still hadn’t bought lol

  12. My theory is that today's volitility is to try price out retails options. The price of options increased by a ton because of this spike. It's fuckery is all it is.

  13. I think this might be the beginning of the end. They may be suppressing the price now because if there were to be a run-up during market hours, that can create a huge influx of FOMO fucking the hedgies up the ass even more. Looking forward to a huge green cock candle during AH or pre-market at an extraordinarily high price ($xx,xxx - $xxx,xxx) to prevent a lot of FOMO buying. who knows... i just eat crayons for breakfast

  14. Can any wrinkles confirm that he's able to purchase right now?? I saw something yesterday on a post where someone had mentioned that insiders couldn't buy this close to the shareholders meeting and are in a black out period. Wat mean???

  15. I literally am baffled GME ran 25%+ today and they already dropped it back sub $90. Then the one and only RC tweets this!? Am Jan 21 ape and this is about as perplexed as I've ever been.

  16. If you leave your money with brokers or exchanges, they lend out your shares and criptoe. If you leave your money in banks they lend it out so they can collect interest. Be your own bank.

  17. Most of RC’s tweets, if you give it the benefit of the doubt may have not been about major GME specific events. This. This tweet right though, is very much in your face obvious about what happened today

  18. I may be wrong, but I believe that a reply to Ryan's tweet was from an account that is suspended.

  19. He definitely tried to trigger the MOASS today via buying/natural market means and got fucked with. My boy is pissed. Push the big red button RC, you know you wanna do it

  20. I think his buy ins recently have been all to show 100% the fuckery going on and how he is going to leave and create a free and fair market.

  21. I for one am predicting Ryan Will announce the new GameStock Market while the current market implodes in the next few weeks. Citing how all the failures of the current market are eliminated in the new Stonk market.

  22. An example of why it's neither fair nor free is think of it like houses that are for sale. If 2 people are selling house and 20 people and trying to buy, the price naturally goes up. Simple which everyone understands. But with GameStop stock, when 20 people are buying a share and only 2 people are selling a share, AND the price goes down.

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