1. Thanks for the heads up OP, but since there's not a lot to back that claim up, I'll change the flair to speculation

  2. I told everyone I know months ago to move their 401k into 1 of our providers stable funds. Metlife is always good and they have US treasury bonds but get this... They are DOWN 2% for 2 years how tf a treasury bond down??? US economy Hella fucked, change the game but don't forget to do good!! HefgiesRFuk 🏴‍☠️

  3. I moved 90% of my portfolio into FRGXX back in March of last year. I convinced 2 other coworkers to do the same. One of my other coworkers that doesn't listen to my advice is down 150k this year, while we have lost almost nothing.

  4. I guess maybe. But, What are the withdrawal regulations for these accounts. If it’s like any other tax advantaged retirement account, you can’t really withdraw them during a crash either…

  5. It’s not just withdrawals. They cannot move from fund to fund either. So if someone is wanting to move to a less risky fund because they cannot withdraw, then they are stuck until after the updates.

  6. They recently changed the rules to allow for a distribution every 30 days but there is a tax penalty. Same as if it were a 401k or any other defined contribution retirement plan.

  7. Don't get me wrong, I want MOASS more than anyone else. But the fact that pure speculation get labeled possible DD while contributors with actual data and market knowledge like the pickle man get banned.

  8. They charge you a pretty hefty fee for early withdrawal if I remember correctly. Depending if you had the Roth ira(match up to 5%, and you pay taxes as you save) or Traditional (they don’t match shit but you pay taxes at the end). During covid they let us pull out our money if we were getting out soon and “needed it for living while looking for work” and if you lived in a covid red zone (depending on zone color was how much they’d charge you in fee’s) they didn’t charge you any fee’s. Mine is currently sitting in Computershare🚀

  9. Sure all my years of contributing to TSP might crash and burn but I have enough GME that the TSP won't even matter a little post-MOASS.

  10. was forced into TSP back in 2004. pulled that trash TSP in January 2008 completely out , if you can't manage it, it's not yours. it's just an empty bag when you go retrieve it after Glass Stegal got trashed, not look at this mess.

  11. was it easy to pull the TSP to reinvest elsewhere? What was that process like? Have a relative whom is a federal retiree. Thanks 🙏🏼

  12. Laat year April I was saying I could drive a Lambo in July or August due to all the hype & whatever DTCC rules back then.

  13. Honestly as a federal employee I'm not that worried. I have more money in GME than I do in my TSP. I consider my TSP to be a cherry on top of my retirement. It would be nice for MOASS to come in the a weeks though.

  14. Makes sense to my little growing wrinkle. Those people are probably already considering cashing some out, what better way to trap all that $$$.

  15. S&P down 18% YTD. Anyone getting ready to retire is screaming at what they’ve losing. They will have to work for years longer to make up those gains, let alone another 20-40% drop

  16. You can’t cash out any part of a TSP account without a tax penalty (unless retirement age). It all stays in the funds or in bonds. They don’t even allow you to move your account to cash. you can take out a loan, up to a certain % of your account, tho. I moved my account to the bonds last Sept thinking the market was going to crash end of last year, and have kept it there. Hopefully they don’t get hit as hard (haven’t…yet). Also took out a loan for as much as I could. Hopefully this works out because it was the best I could do with a TSP account

  17. Because they don’t want the every day American to pull their funds from the market. It’ll cause a worse crash, and they won’t be able to run away with the money themselves. They want them holding the bags at the end of the day.

  18. Right. I know people that have moved their funds to the G fund to avoid more potential losses. Probably the safest bet for those that aren’t ready to retire or can’t. Losing 60% when you’re already at retirement age is going to hurt a lot of people.

  19. This is why i started reading every comment before posting. I came here to write: "THIS SUM HARDCORE BLOOD MOon SACRIFICE WE TALKIN BOUT"..

  20. This is not news. TSP is limited in what you can buy and there aren't any individual stocks. Most are life cycle funds that go conservative based on maturity date, so people in those won't see drastic drop like regular market if they ate close to retirement. In fact smart Feds would have already "taken profit" via intrafund transfer to G fund (ie government bonds) when other funds were high. Those smart feds will then "buy back in" via same process during this massive dip.

  21. Thank god I just pulled my money out of there a couple months backs just wish I put it into GME now Instead Of then I would have gotten a way lower AVG price.

  22. i used to have funds in TSP but pulled that shit out in 2020 when they had emergency no penalty withdrawal options. my TSP became GME

  23. man I'm glad I never put into this and that I did my 20 and am already getting my retirement check from Uncle Sam.

  24. Federal employee here. I've had all my money in the G fund (bonds, always go up slightly and never down) since September, when this thing should have crashed. Been telling my coworkers to do the same, they laugh. All except the one who also bought GME last June at 260 and has been holding with me ever since. Now all of my coworkers are coming in with long faces every shift, telling me how many thousands of dollars they lost that day. None of them want to move their money even now, because of the loss, even though I'm telling them the crash has barely started. And all of them consider themselves experts.

  25. This is what Boss Blunts has been saying for a while now on his YouTube videos. Also June 3rd is when some other important stuff happens and something ceases to continue. (Biden). Let’s see if you know.

  26. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  27. Everyday we get some new gibberish from some random user and then given some random date, this is exhausting

  28. IS it more crucial than ever to have shares DRS'd right now so we know at the shareholders mtg how many shares are out of reach especially with an incoming share split which will put million of new shares out there to use against us in keeping the price down?

  29. I'm been in the G fund,for the past year. You don't make much or loose much. At the bottom I want to move to a more aggressive fund,hope I'm not locked out.....

  30. I remember, there was also post from few days ago, regarding some other funds (military or army funds) idk whats that exactly but the source said that these funds will be frozen between may - june, wtf? Are they starting to frozing everything around?!

  31. Well I guess THOSE GME shares will all be in the INFINITY ♾ Pool swimming laps during MOASS 😁💩🦍🏴‍☠️🚀🚀🚀

  32. Oh shit. I have TSP. Would always make money until this year. Had it on the S and C Funds mainly. Went away from the G Fund that was easy and safe money cuz it was too slow for me. Idk if anything is worth it but I know I switched it back to G Fund.

  33. so are you trying to say we MOASS starting may 16th and gradually rise all the way through the first week of june?

  34. I remember a long time ago having a TSP was considered a “godsend” but I used it all to help out a family member after getting out. Never would of thought it was corrupt like brokers but I can see why the government would need something for collateral and or liquidity for the crash.

  35. Welp if they'll dip into Social Security, Disaster Relief Funds, lobbied money and insider trades, along with take on more debt with the Central Bank that is passed on to the public in order to save Wall Street, then I don't know why the TSP would be off limits.

  36. Glad I withdrew my entire TSP balance late last year and moved it somewhere I control it. Something didn't sit right with me about that website, especially with how hard it was to move things around, particularly if you wanted to leave the program. Good luck for those of you that are still actively employed with the government and can utilize it though. Mine was just sitting there gaining no contributions.

  37. If this is reality I won't know how to feel. Was just talking to my dad yesterday and he had just got off the phone with whoever was managing his 401k. He's literally months away from getting it.

  38. May 16th….I was always the guy who got jealous on previous hype days aligning with some apes birthday.

  39. This is a standard blackout period when changing record keepers for retirement plans. A blackout period is the standard. This is not anything unusual

  40. The contract for this was issued in 11/2020 and they've been working on this since the option was created in 2009.

  41. why would anyone pull money out in the middle of a downturn? that’s the dumbest thing to do. if you’re going to pull money out it’s at the peak before the downturn but that’s risky and hard, if not impossible, to time.

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