1. Huh! Good post. I haven't seen anyone draw this connection to the EO and Chinese collateral before, but it makes intuitive sense and those dates line up.

  2. Idk, with what we've learned about the power of return swaps I'm betting the majority of these positions just get shifted onto some entities that are allowed to invest in these Chinese companies, and the original holders enter into a swap agreement with those middle entities.

  3. If I recall correctly, JPow mentioned June 4th (forgot what exactly was going to happen on this date), but reiterated to not look into that date as it was just picked for no reason other then the next date. I felt that was a really odd comment made about June 4th. There's always a reason for a date.

  4. Yup, I think it was June 2nd or somewhere around there. Definitely found it strange how he emphasized that the date is not important.

  5. JPow likely doesn't know why June 1st was chosen as the date. I've been in board meetings that argue about dates and fake reasons why each date doesn't work. Then the chairman stops the arguments by picking a date that equally upsets everyone.

  6. Except this one actually has some backing behind the hype. I fucking HO HO HO'd like Hans Gruber when I saw June 3rd.

  7. He could, and I wouldn’t be surprised. However, things are pretty tense now. He’d be playing a dangerous game if he extends it.

  8. It's possible, but less and less likely. The global economy is going to crap and that means everyone is going from holding hands to hoarding what they have.

  9. Imagine if this Executive Order goes through next month, perfectly timed with the stock split dividend, 100% utilization, and NFT marketplace?

  10. I think this collateral squeeze is why Wall Street has been buying up housing property. Between the problems with Chinese collateral, US CMBS, and US Treasury, the market is starving for solid collateral to stand on. They're buying up homes because that collateral will be less likely to evaporate in a market crash. Better to hold American homes that lose 50% of their value, rather than Chinese junk bonds that lose 100%. Moreover, the value of liquid securities like stocks/bonds/cash can fluctuate greatly during a market crash, getting Thanos snapped out of existence in a worst case scenario, but illiquid physical assets like real estate are far more reliable.

  11. Business as usual. Private interests control on information let's them play the game with much more breadth of knowledge.

  12. Well it's also a self-fulfilling collateral. If everyone buys housing or gold to escape a crash or inflation, price goes up.

  13. This is great DD! However, I am not counting on Biden, a longtime senator from Delaware, to do anything against the interests of his big business constituents, unless the political cost is extremely high.

  14. Just another thought, Regarding to China, it reminds me about "8964", 04. June.1989-"Tiananmen Square Massacre". Coming June 4th will be the 33rd anniversary! Not sure what will happen in China during the ongoing pandemic chaos with huge economic recession??

  15. Based on implications alone, if he will extend the deferment on student loan repayments, then I’m pretty sure he will keep pushing this back.

  16. Banning investment in Chinese Military stocks is very good. Not convinced on the student loans across the board. A low income student with 20-40k in loans from a state school fine, but not a trust fund kid in Pre-med or PhD in race theory with 150k should not be subsidized.

  17. Any time I hear the government is supposed to enforce something that will hurt banks/hedge funds I laugh! It’s not gonna happen. It takes one phone call from a donor threatening to pull campaign funding to kill the executive order/bill.

  18. It's already been signed though. Multiple extensions are one thing, but the order itself is still in play. It's just a matter of when. If they don't eventually enforce it and China invades, the rest of the world looks to the US and the Chinese assets they still hold and then a whole new range of problems arise.

  19. Good research but I’m not getting my hopes up. Just like everyone’s evergrande exposure was supposed to start moass, they’ll find a way some how or another

  20. It’s funny that the more we learn, the more it seems obvious that retail isn’t really moving things at all. We’re just here for the ride. Big money built this roller coaster all on its own.

  21. using chinese assets as collateral for their shorts against american companies. seems borderline treasonous and financial terrorism no?

  22. Yes you did and I thank you for that. I tried to spread the word after seeing your post and researching it myself and, until now, have fallen on deaf ears. Good catch man.

  23. Expect a few stocks to run a day or 2 before the 3rd.....MAKE SURE YOU APES HAVE PLENTY OF AMMO AROUND THAT TIME!!!

  24. If anyone wants the full story you can watch this information on my YouTube channel. OP stole the info and posted it above while leaving out a lot of information. Search BOSS BLUNTS on YouTube for full details

  25. How does someone steal information about something? Do you own the information? No? Didn't think so. I haven't seen anything about this yet, so I'm glad OP put this out there. I'd be happy to check out your information on the subject, but putting another ape down for spreading the same information you are is petty as fuck dude. Collaborations get more upvotes imo

  26. Props to you man! Respect! Just amplifying the message. I heard it from someone and found it interesting so I looked into it. I tried to make it easily digestible so I didn’t go too far in depth.

  27. I haven't watch your video cause I've spent all morning trying to make a reply here that is automoded away, but since you seem to be one that did the DD and looked into, what do you think of this

  28. Nice work. It all helps. Another item that will cause the first hft to say "fuck it, were not going to be the bag holder on this one" and close thier position. Then moon will follow.

  29. Seems kind of treasonous to have American industries invest in the military of countries that would likely fight a war against the country they're based in, but thinking things through is not something these people like to do.

  30. So I've got a big comment that I think should be seen, but links are to t-r-u-m-p whitehouse.com so automod wont let me make the comment. Maybe mods can approve of it since I can't get around those links?

  31. Just a thought. It is hard to sell a stock out on loan. So they have to recall the stock, which causes the run.🤷‍♂️

  32. Blackrock Vanguard and the rest are already moving money. I get it, they may not get it all but they have already hedged for this I would think.

  33. Nothing personal but I've heard more than 1.000's of theories for MOASS. It's getting silly. MOASS will come, but it will when we least expect it.

  34. So you wanna buttfuck GME shorts AND the CCP simultaneously in early June? I just gotta ask my parents, but I’m pretty sure they will let me go.

  35. This EO is early June while nearly all those 2008 like models are in the late May time frame. There are also timings people are lining up with RC tweets that also put it late May and the dividend is early mid June.

  36. I'd also say that it'll work more conveniently with this timing of June 3rd in the MSM that the crash not extending this would cause can be blamed on inflation (much higher CPI numbers than May 2021)/Russian sanctions/reduction in Ukrainian imports/etc.

  37. WHOA, did you just uncover the reason for the Jan 2021 sneeze?!? It's been so long, I thought there were other factors we uncovered. But this looks like another big factor we haven't uncovered until now. Nice work, you and

  38. An EO with that many extensions will get extended again. Most of the political elite are already bought, there is no resistance there.

  39. Hey OP, I was just looking back on this post and decided to google this executive order and Wikipedia says that it was signed on the 3rd June 2021

  40. You are. 14032 was signed on June 3rd, 2021. However, it doesn’t take effect until June 3rd, 2022 at 12:00am

  41. You are only promoting ATER on other subs for the past year, never posted anything about GME. Never interacted here.

  42. As long as you were informed, that’s all I came here to do. More people need to be made aware of the EO and how huge it is. I believe that’s what this market selloff is all about.

  43. LOL this is not DD. Wild speculation at best. I get it, you're tired OP and begging for MOASS to start, but no need to advertise outlandish theories and masquerade it as DD.

  44. I really doubt one single thing like the EO could trigger moass. And this is kind of conspiracy sounding. “Moass” is dependent on this getting signed. Not to mention how political this post is.

  45. Watch boss's videos, a #large number of meme stock ran when the EO expired before Brandon signed the new order and they all crashed on the same day he signed...tin foil aside, I think there something here...why is evergrande and all the other Chinese developers still halted and not just defaulted and liquidated...🤔

  46. Calm down, all I’m illustrating is that multiple stocks ran at the same time because of this Executive Order. This thing is bigger than you think and has massive geopolitical implications. A lot of money is tied up in this

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