1. I sort by Hot & New. Did not see it in the TOP. I saw a link getting buried in the comment section of a different post. I apologize for my overreaction.

  2. The fact that you got downvoted for posting this is astonishing. The fact that the top comment isn’t acknowledging the contents of this comment letter, instead blaming you for not crediting someone who posted a snippet solely about requesting info on FTD’s and not the entire comment letter that was submitted is astonishing. What the other person posted is snippet and has completely overlooked so many incredible points in this document. He has posted a link to the letter in a comment within his post but most people have already gone to skimming through posts because of all of the garbage that has drowned out this subreddit, so this like many other things I’m sure has gone overlooked by the mass. This is wrong. This post is what should be at the top of the subreddit. Not the other one.

  3. The bullet points are worth reading for sure at the end. It details everything that's happening. How can we get in touch with Jim?? It would be an epic AMA.

  4. Not sure, I’m still working through the information. The rule mentioned may need updating when asking follow up questions to regulators.

  5. • Since they are admittedly not legitimate “Shares” of an issuer the column on an investor’s monthly statement reflecting purchases is termed “Securities held long” or “Quantity held Long” instead of “Shares held long”

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