1. We've already broken out of the 2021 structure by putting in a lower low. Actually, we had broken it even before then on the weekly when we put in the higher high at $213 in November.

  2. It's like the good old days again - so full of hope and wonder! We've still got the hope but less of the wonder since we've uncovered so much fucking crime. Definitely feels like we're approaching an endgame scenario. 🤞

  3. Hey guys, I’m gonna be posting a follow up video tonight with two more important indicators. Again, I think you guys are gonna like this

  4. Not the biggest fan of technicals, but I like this. Does seem supported by the number of calendar days between the moves up. Hopefully the next move up follows the Brn.ax movement.

  5. yeah there's a massive difference between technicals and market dynamics. The explanation for these patters MIGHT be more a result in market dynamics (ex: FTDs) and if so reasonable predictors or future price action. Technicals are more like astrology for traders - particularly when crime and fuckery is involved.

  6. Not to toot my own horn but I definitely am, I did a post when Ryan released his 69 tweet. The all trading days highs and lows are very close to being 69 days apart with each one occurring +2 -2 of 69 days

  7. I thought the same thing as I read it, but who gives a fuck, I feel like for once, options apes and purple circles are really getting along and it's beautiful to see!

  8. I was rear ended pretty hard a few months ago and I got the bodily injury check about 2 weeks ago. Last week, I spent ALL of that money (and some more) on buying more shares. I'm literally putting my back into this, lets go

  9. If squeeze doesn’t happen between now and the next cycle, I’m gonna use this for timing when to buy options (bottom) and what date (rips). Ty to ops

  10. This is some primo smooth brain stuff right here. It has everything, dates, crayons, fuckin astrology, god damn doritos, everything.

  11. I just want to hop in and debunk it (unfortunately that's false information spread around). It's written in the SEC filing (wondering why noone looked into that to confirm/debunk this myth):

  12. I've seen so much TA on GME. This is by far the only one that makes sense. I see too many focusing on gamma or delta or IV or bottoms or peaks.

  13. With the sell off happening last week, and if margin called T+5. I'll agree with trends Wednesday should be a pop. Plus! The crypts are pumping in hope to draw attention away from gme. Let's fucking go!!

  14. My concern is they may be making the cycles fairly predictable in order to encourage apes to day-trade. Hopefully apes stay zen and don’t get tempted

  15. Read this last night expecting another red day. Up 7.38. I think op is onto something. Price is fake n hedgies r fuk

  16. So does RC drop his 6-million-share bomb at the start of runup to give it momentum or at the peak to fight the algorithm shorting it back down again?

  17. Oh, man.... you're going to make me cry. Thank you so much for saying that. It's been a long and arduous journey.

  18. Ngl it feels really good to me to us getting further and further from the 483 spike, knowing I’ve only added shares since then. 💎 🙌

  19. OP is saying if we hold options hedge fund must hedge. We just need to buy a shit ton of otm contract to force a run up!

  20. So far this is aging like a $25 bottle of wine. Let’s see what tomorrow holds. I’m ready to drink it regardless.

  21. Strange I’ll been looking at the upvote/down vote for the last 5-10 min going over 6200 to down voteing it 100’s in the top 5k range . I’ll think perhaps op hit a nerve or something 😂

  22. TODAYS THE DAAAAY!!! And if not today then tomorrow!!! And the day after!!! Hurt me SHF im into it! Love the anal-ysis! Foooking booooolish!!

  23. I love coming back to this TA and comparing to yesterday's and today's action. You should really post a follow up video - I'm looking forward to it.

  24. Hoping for some positive price action in the next few days, but happy for more dip too. Win win!

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