1. With the DOJ investigation maybe they know it's going to be explosive soon and therefore short the stonk down as much as possible?

  2. Anyone know why Cbase and Yahoo mail absolutley NEED me to update my info by March 10th 2022? Is there something I dont know about or just coincidence its on the same day for both? They both are harrasing non stop about it.

  3. What if the secret service dude didn’t change jobs to protect Ken Griffin, but instead „changed“ jobs to make sure he doesn’t flee the country?

  4. I was working earlier and not paying attention. Cooked a giant Turkey dinner and wasn't paying attention. Drank ALL the beers and wasn't paying attention.

  5. So now we play the long game. At this point, paperhands out the game. I took my gma to the hospital for today for some heart shit, but before we drove off, she showed me her Disney paperwork, and I'll be damned if I didn't see that beautiful Computershare logo in the top left corner. Boomers are with us

  6. I'm almost out for the rest of the day: I'm heading to a charity event where we're swimming in our local river to collect money for the winter bus - it's around freezing and I'm a little nervous what I got myself into 😅

  7. I'm going to have to disagree with you buddy. I'm on a need to know basis, and that's fine. I'm not here for a measley 10% gain so i am aware of the risks, and i trust they will act for my benefit. Money talks...

  8. Some people might think that if the value of a commodity is determined by the quantity of labour spent on it, the more idle and unskilful the labourer, the more valuable would his commodity be, because more time would be required in its production.

  9. This whole thing goes back to Gore and others being feathery in the senate on FMAC and Frank-Dodd. What a time to be alive after the 94 elections and the cascading fuckery that'll lead to a MOASS.

  10. Anyone got a link for how to DRS with Fidelity without calling? I don't want to be on the phone with a rep while he witnesses my account consisting entirely of $GME and calls that are down 99%

  11. This whole thing goes back to Gore and others being feathery in the senate on FMAC and Frank-Dodd. What a time to be alive after the 94 elections and the cascading fuckery that'll lead to a MOASS.

  12. Can you call to drs on weekends? I work nights and often wake up too late to catch them during market hours. I'd be transferring from fidelity and I feel like a bitch for asking this because I've been wanting to do it just seems like a lot. You call their number ask to direct register and they send them to CS, then what? I wait for CS to get them and I can make my account, is that right? After seeing it mentioned in the quarterly I have a feeling it's really going to be the only way to protect my investment. Any advice will be appreciated

  13. This whole thing goes back to Gore and others being feathery in the senate on FMAC and Frank-Dodd. What a time to be alive after the 94 elections and the cascading fuckery that'll lead to a MOASS.

  14. Only been able to buy an additional 3 this month during the dips and next payday is Christmas Eve 😔 on the plus side, all Christmas presents bought so I'll be buying as much as I can. THE PRICE IS WRONG BITCH (Unless Moass happens by then...)

  15. It used to be the prevailing sentinent that sec will do something, now suddenly you're a senile goat if you think that and some other regulatory body is doing an investigation (of course). None of it is anything but empty drivel.

  16. Anyone else stoked on buying the dip today? Missed the lowest part by 1.50, but fucking ecstatic with my 7 new shiny shares that the hedgefucks will be desperate to own someday

  17. Brooo! I tried to grab 7 shares myself but wasn't able to get the cash to settle in time. I got 1 at 149.xx though. First time I've average DOWN in forever lol

  18. Bro. I was a bit impatient until things were really put in perspective for me recently. Big company just bought out a family business and set my family and many cousins up for life. This is 6th generation hodling. Only because of a major buyout that's being forced on us are we selling. I'm a believer and can afford to hod

  19. About this metaverse, I think it will be its own world. You plug into your set, then you become your avatar. I think eventually people will have jobs and even have a meta-family.

  20. So guys I'm thinking this dip is almost like planned so everyone can load up on last minute cheap shares before lift off. So think about it this way. If you look at any of the shill articles from the media it's all like "well now while GameStop did increase their sales by 30 percent and they may have a fucking billion dollars in cash reserves and no debt, but look how much money they're spending on staff all of a sudden!" But meanwhile GameStop has been hiring massive amounts of incredible talent. As soon as GameStop announces whatever it is they're working on it's moontime

  21. Have there been any posts about how much can be made off of nft transactions? I was just thinking how fucking huge it will be. LRC says they're currently doing 2,500 transactions a second. Once this it adopted by the gaming world. It's going to be none stop cash flow. Billions of gamers trading buying /selling NFTs every second of the day. Get, ready player one! LFG 🚀

  22. I just got 100 rounds of .30-06 from my grandfather as an early Christmas present. MOASS I’m taking care of my grandfather so much, I love that man. Damn.

  23. Dang some info that made my peepee soft — the Q3 sales going up by like 29% this year is still less than 2019 Q3 sales

  24. well they don’t want everyone and their sister to just sue them for information surrounding this whole saga, they have to discourage that. And since we’re shareholders it’s kind of a good thing, that’s our money having to be spent on lawyers to respond to this sort of thing

  25. Just decided to ditch the kids and hit the bar with the wife. Have a great fucking Friday night and I hope your weekend passes restfully but quickly.

  26. That’s EXACTLY how I explain it to every person close to me when they ask. It’s impossible to explain the DD to them where they understand but I basically say I’m pretending like the money is lost every time I buy more. But missing the train? Selling for a baby gain or a loss would be devastating if the I didn’t stay onboard. I’d never forgive myself. The DD is done. I buy. I hold. Rinse and repeat.

  27. I love that GME bounced up in the last hour, right after the RC tweet. I sold stuff I have held for a long time to buy this dip. I’ve spent almost an entire year accumulating GME.

  28. Given my extensive knowledge of the corporate landscape spanning all the way back to February and encompassing exactly 1 stock, I can confidently say that Ryan Cohen is the greatest chairman of all time in any company ever

  29. Direct registering your shares is like owning a car, whereas holding them in fidelity is like leasing a car. Say the carmaker wanted to gift the owners of their cars some rare collectible item. Technically the dealership you’re leasing the car from would receive that item, but if you own the car you would be the one to get it.

  30. it must be so fuckin frustrating for Kenny to do everything he possibly can to just watch us celebrate the manipulation at this point

  31. They played a stupid game. They underestimated our conviction. Now they carved our diamond hands over almost a year. I would say a Large portion of us just keeps buying. The company has turned things around. They are fucked.

  32. If Ken wanted to make money after he is broke. He should have his new bodyguard E true Hollywood story follow his ass around the next couple of months. Then capture his expression when he finally realizes he lost this battle long ago. Take a picture of that moment and sell it to the apes. Could make a nice little living.

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