1. Yeah, they definitely need to up the Clois content in season 3. It will be baffling if the writers sleep on Tyler and Bitsie’s amazing chemistry for yet another season. A big consensus from the critics about season 1, was that Tyler and Bitsie’s chemistry was one of the best things about the show. It’s a real shame we already had it go to waste in season 2, let’s hope the writers/producers have realised that was a very big mistake and are course correcting big time.

  2. And look how they flirt with one another in front of Jonathan. Love to see something like this on SNL. Bitsie & Tyler can definitely pull a scene like this effectively 😍

  3. I love this panel so much!! Bitsie and Tyler have such incredible chemistry, and could pull off something like this easy!

  4. The S&L tie-in comic special had a really lovely story (written by Adam Mallinger one of the show's writers) that was a lot like this and ended with Lois and Clark finally finding the time to take a trip to Hawaii.

  5. I'm hoping so as well. Helbing comes from the Flash where he was doing 21 ish episode seasons, so cutting down to 15 episode seasons seems to create a pacing issue where everything moves so fast character building gets missed and no one can breathe.

  6. I would love to see it too in season 3, Clois need to be more like that 😅 they need to hug and kiss and investigate!

  7. Yeah. SnL Clois feels too cold last season. They need to remind us that they a couple, married and they have to allow them to act as a married couple sometimes.

  8. Bruh, Jon looks just like Michael imo or Cody Christian who funny enough was in Teen Wolf and is currently on All American.

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