1. This is the exact question I had! I mean good for him but why Alex specifically? Is he qualified in some way, has he spoken publically about this topic before, or is he just very passionate about it and has connections there? It's just kind of a leap from CW actor to speaking at COP27 alongside world leaders...

  2. This is absolutely amazing! Way to go Alex and thanks for standing up and asking world leaders to further adress climate Change!

  3. I absolutely adore the fact that Alex is going to this!! It's so great to see people standing up for things that matter!

  4. Amen to that! I liked Jordan the character right away— but wow, Alex’s awesomeness just solidifies my favouritism.

  5. I'm not sure "Actor Fluff" quite characterizes what Alex is doing. He's surprisingly articulate. I kind of want to hear this speech now.

  6. He’s just the best. Love the shirt and his adorable smile at the end. What a great young person and wonderful role model ❤️

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