1. Henkas are like free speech….it’s legal and should always remain so, but that also opens you up to judgement on how you choose to make use of it.

  2. The moments past, but I still kinda have mixed feeling on the situation. I feel more jipped then upset with the move itself. I'm not even in the camp of "Higher ranks shouldn't pull "cheap tricks" on lower ranked guys". In me honest opinion, Keisho did pull a strategic clever stunt, because he rarely does such a move. Sure we can debate how lame that may make Keisho look to have to resort to such tactic, but the man earned his KK and keeps his title. Sooooooo🤷‍♀.

  3. Yeah... I was expecting a battle of the slaps or a clash of the ages, and instead I saw a supersize henka with a side of fries.

  4. Yep. That was what I was more upset with. Here I thought we were gonna see a clash of the titans instead we got nada. Plus, Hokuto's face added to the feels. I can't stand seeing people crushed like that😭💔.

  5. I know!!! If Hokutofuji wasn't married, and if it wasn't creepy, I'd straight up hold him reminding him how he'll get'em next time 😫💔😢!

  6. To be fair, isn't Teru just utilizing the perks of being a Yokozuna. And even then, I'm sure he's under pressure to probably not disgrace the Yokuzuna image with a high loss count.

  7. I find it unsightly for a sekitori to henka especially someone with an obvious size advantage. Takkakeisho showed cowardice in that match.

  8. A win is a win. HAKUHO said the role of the Yokozuna is to go all out like a demon for every possible win and sometimes that is using ur head by deploying a superior tactic and we know Taka wants that rank badly.We all KNOW Hokutofuji is gonna charge extra hard cuz that's his brand of sumo, but sometimes he should be a touch more cautious. I say all the Takakeisho haters can suck it. GO BATTLE HAMSTER!

  9. That's fair. And interesting factoid about Hakuho. Do you think Takakeisho will ever make Yokozuna level? I'm sure Takakeisho, JSA, and Japan are itching for a native Yokozuna, but do you think Keisho will be the one to get that honor? I think he has the skill and heart, but I am deeply concerned about his health.

  10. Ppl overreacting like we are living in Edo or something. Everyone talks about honor or cowardnece. Are you for Real. He used a henka and it was flawless. If hokutofuji so deserving or above everyone else maybe he should considere it or maybe dont charge like Bull.

  11. Normally I'm fine with it, but doing it to somebody lower ranked who's having the tournament of their life, while you yourself aren't seriously in the running for the tournament and aren't immediately in danger of makekoshi? It's not a good look. It's not overly sportsmanlike or respectful. He could have used a henka any other day and I'd be indifferent, but in that situation it feels disrespectful

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