1. I’m not Reddit savvy, but would it be called a commentary/opinion channel for those looking? I would support that sort of disclaimer.

  2. I just don't like that his video titles and thumbnails will often spoil things that happened during the Basho and I don't watch the Basho live because its too late, so I catch the vods. So I blocked his channel on my YouTube so that I don't get spoiled during the Basho.

  3. He's not perfect, he openly puts his own spin on things to the point you might think him just a touch full of himself, but you can't deny he can write some pretty compelling stuff, he loves Sumo, and his stuff is honest AND he does enjoy his fans who he's recently been delivering Postcards and what not for fans who sent them to him to be given ( or he directly gave them to ) Sumo wrestlers.

  4. I like his vids but ended up unfollowing his channel because his video titles actually spoiled me a few times.

  5. Yeah he made a video about his process of making videos and openly stated that he assumes that people have watched at least the top division fights of that days tournament.

  6. Just for the footage alone, i would say yes, but he has a way of speaking that i don't really enjoy, and i find him a little bit full of himself, he sounds somewhat over the top sometimes.

  7. Some of his takes and other baseless claims really annoy me sometimes, but you can tell he's passionate about the sport and the guy really goes out of his way to provide in-depth content you won't find anywhere else; I can appreciate that. So I really think he's a valuable asset to the community.

  8. This is really eye opening for me, I have been watching his channel for a while now and I have been questioning his information sometimes and video ideas but I never knew any of this.

  9. Could you elabor on those old threads? I remember Jason once taking a soft dig at him in one of his videos (well, he did not name him but I thought it was pretty obvious if you know the sumo YouTube a bit), I'm wondering what he would have against him.

  10. His video after the shooting of Abe, where he spent the entire time talking about his last interactions with him etc, was pretty rediculous

  11. i agree with your judgment of his content and behavior, but i think it’s still right to include him in the sidebar. to exclude him is an inherently political act, it’s a statement on non-endorsement. i don’t think that’s the right shoe for this sub to wear

  12. I think this is the correct take. When I got into sumo during the pandemic I mostly watched Jason, but quickly found Chris’ channel. I think it was when he was reporting on the drama Takatoriki was spouting at the time. The way he formatted the videos I assumed there was still match fixing going on.

  13. Your argument boils down to "he is wrong sometimes and I disagree with him and he has argued with people I consider good so he should be considered bad and we should pretend he doesn't exist instead of acknowledging he is one of the biggest figures in English-language sumo". That conclusion simply cannot be allowed to lead from that argument. It would be completely unjust - and if it was done to you, it would cause you significant mental anguish. Chris is not infallible - far from it - but like everyone else he makes mistakes and good contributions alike. Erasing the good is the same as declaring every one of his subscribers wrong, and I see no reason why you should have the authority to make that call.

  14. I think it should be. He’s got a massive catalog of well done videos about sumo and covers more of it than all but a few others.

  15. Side note: The chronic downvoters in this sub are an embarrassment to this community. I see people sharing and helping one another, volunteering their own free time out of appreciation for sumo, consistently downvoted at unreasonable rates.

  16. It would also be nice if there was more chat allowed here. I have had posts and comments deleted quite a few times and it doesn’t make sense why. I checked the rules and my posts didn’t break any.

  17. If adding the channel to the sidebar links means that posting individual videos to the sub is not longer okay, then it's a win for everyone

  18. I’d vote yes. He does show a lot of exclusive stuff since he is actually going to the bashos, haircutting ceremonies, and other sumo related events. With all the other sumo info in the sidebar people can watch I believe they will be able to make out the sensationalism Chris sometimes brings to his reporting.

  19. I am very surprised by the comments about Chris. I can understand that his voice and poetic approach can be polarizing. It took a while for me to get used to it. What are the incidents that led to the controversy around his commentary? Can you share examples?

  20. I am a noted supporter of Chris’s work in other posts on this sub, so my biases are known. I am aware of some of the examples people point to: one of the big gripes is when Chris suggests some camaraderie between Mongolian/foreign wrestlers or implies that certain matches have lower effort than others. He shades into this narrative fairly often.

  21. Voted yes. I really don't get the hate. Dude gives us unique content and consistent delivery. His value is that he shows us stuff that nobody else bother filming. Are some people jealous and starting cabals to try to get his viewers or what ?

  22. Definitely a yes. Great (high quality) footage, I see Rikishi in a way I have never seen them before. I never thought of him being a sensationalist, I actually think he is trying to write Sumo poetry.

  23. I don’t watch his videos, other then his paparazzi videos, he doesn’t offer anything I can’t get from other places. His hot tales are annoying and he speaks with an authoritative tone w/o any actual insider info or connection.

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