1. Iโ€™ve got an ng+ character level 130ish, but Iโ€™m at the bottom of blighttown and havenโ€™t done sens yet so no warping... would play together if we can?

  2. Ok if you're level 130 I can only be summoned at level 107 and up so miles off. Do you know if you can summon outside the usual range if you're on friends list on steam or use a password? I've never deliberately done it before now

  3. If you can summon level 84 (using all my souls on pyro upgrades before ng+ atm) then I'm happy to play along with you, I've not done much co-op anyway so happy to do it and I won't overkill with sorcery, I'll mainly use moonlight GS or the zweihander or whatever compliments your build

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