1. I’m from the place where they filmed their Paris music video... EVERYONE in my town and the surrounding towns listens to them. They played a show at a random indoor skate park on highway 212 and it ended up producing their most popular music video with a 100m plus views lol. Shout out Clackamas, OR. You’ll roll up to any gas station and someone is blasting scrim while getting filled up. It’s an everyday occurrence.

  2. yeah i started listening to them since around 2016, the first time i showed it to my friends they thought it was absolute shit, but the more they listened the more they enjoyed it. same thing with 100 gecs but we don’t talk about that.

  3. lol i got completely addicted to 100 gecs too for like an entire week i was listening to their music everyday all the time

  4. I honestly have quite a few, but I also hang with the type of people you’d except to listen to them lmao

  5. I used to have 2 who were brothers and we were close asf, he started doin drugs after I got sober, I tried to tell him to not, but he didn’t listen, they loved em as much as I do, life sucks

  6. Thanks to tik tok (something I never thought I’d say) some of my friends have gotten into them so that’s been pretty cool.

  7. Not actually, I know one person that listens to them but just the most famous songs, so yeah I hear them songs alone with no one to discuss, BUT I already had the happiness of seeing them live in 2018, so not everything is bad

  8. I got a girlfriend really into them, now she actually pays the DJ at her strip club to play SuicideBoys and she dances on stage to their songs. I also met this same girl at Buku Festival in New Orleans March 2019 and we saw them live. !

  9. Story time: I went through a cataclysmic breakup that lead to my surrounding life caving in on me. Lost a piece of shit friend due to him becoming a fuckin’ eskimo-bro in the process... and he was a coworker. So I had a daily reminder lingering over me that my 6 year relationship was beyond dead. Every day was closer to me imploding. End of 2018.

  10. lmao yeah, many of them if you wanna talk about them i’m down i could show you other artists that coincide with them!

  11. I got my best friend hooked on them in like 2016. Since then whenever they release an album we dont listen to it untill were together and rate the album and talk about our favourite tracks.

  12. I have some friends who listen but they don’t know anything else about them, except they make different music

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