1. The stuffier the nose, the more caustic the product is. Ive had so many pharmas get me stuffy, usually either because how lipophillic they are causes no absorption and irritation or the product itself is extremely caustic to tissue (anything bonded to HCL for example).

  2. I use SS316L 3/16" diameter x 4" length. Easy to clean and sterilize, can stick it with my micro screwdrivers and no one notices it.

  3. Phenylephrine nasal spray (decongestant) + steroid nasal spray to reduce inflammation (Nasonex, Rhinocort, etc) + antihistamine and mast cell stabiliser nasal spray (Azelastine). All should be OTC in the USA and Australia

  4. Get a Neil Med sinus rinse bottle. It includes the packets of some sort of salt mix that is safe to use often. Morning & evening (or the end of your session).

  5. You can get a nasal spray that within a few min of use it clears up any congestion, it's called SprayTish I believe but there are other ones out there that do the same thing. If you use it daily then you can go through withdrawals that only really consist of having a blocked nose.

  6. Nasal spray is an actual godsent, something i always personally forget to bring but my friends always got me.

  7. Ever thought about using other routes? Not only a stuffy nose shows how cut a substance could be, but it's also one of the most dangerous routes of administration. When it comes to stimulants and empathogens, I prefer buffing them since the effects last a lot longer and the entire experience is stretched out (longer and softer comedown as well). If that's a problem for you, oral is the next best thing.

  8. I wish I could personally speak to the suggestions I have read, though they personally didn't work for my dehydrated self. If you live where its cold right now or can stick your head in the freezer for one enoughbit will help with the swelling clearing of sinuses

  9. Have more of them put into a nasal blow gun have a friend blow it into both nostrils yeah yep😵‍💫👍🤯

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