1. What if you created it in the womb, huh? Betcha didn't think of THAT. Now please input your birthday, which we refuse to use to give you a permanent pass to age restricted content.

  2. I just got into Steam, I didn’t realize we had to confirm it forever :(. I figured it would just be fore now since I just got Steam back in July 2021.

  3. It's more a case legal issue and covering their own ass. Law stipulates ID must be checked for 18+ at the storefront.

  4. If you have a game tagged as Mature/Nudity your recommendations get all fucked. P.ex., owning Witcher 3 is enough to Steam to recommend you all his library of asset flip hentai. Annoying how the tag system is straight bad.

  5. I have never once bought a hentai game, but on my "you might like" page of my Element TD 2 game it suggested me a hentai tower defense game. So..I guess weird shit can happen?

  6. In the queue explorer e constantly get hentai games, no age restriction. Then a shooter comes up and I have to put my birth day for the 1000th time.

  7. The only hentai game I own is Mirror because I thought it was just a match 3 game with skimpy outfits, but nope, it's full on porn. But it's decent enough.

  8. As soon as you have one game with a mature tag, or in some cases just one game with the 18 rating, Steam fills your entire page with hentai. I don't really care, but it is annoying.

  9. I am 122 years old according to Steam's verification which is a joke. I always choose 1/1/1900 out of sheer spite. It's become custom at this point

  10. Which seems like a lie, pretty much all other platforms/stores somehow don't ask me every single time....

  11. Do you really think these kinds of people would care for legal requirements when they can just scream "steam bad!" like a pack of baboons?

  12. Half the tags for games I like are 3/4 porn shovelware on the new and trending tab. But at least now I know how good the creators of “One More Time From the Top” are at puns.

  13. Federal unemployment tax act is acronymed(is that even a word) into F.U.T.A. also. Futanari(futa for short) itself is a Japanese word for... Well it seems you figured that out.

  14. someone gifted me a porn game as a joke one time since it was $1 and now i have front page Mommy Milker games recommended haha

  15. The reason Steam asks you to verify your age (as redundant as the system is) is because some countries require Steam to have age verification in order for them to be allowed to operate in that country.

  16. For a company as successful as Valve, you’d think they have the money and engineering prowess to store your date of birth…

  17. I'd expect them to implement the age verification system (at least one) that can be used to legally confirm a customer's age here in Germany.

  18. As I have said a few times, I know what algorithms are 😆 and no I am not actually getting them on my FRONT page. But if you go into the on sale section and then filter by games only, then by lowest price you'll see what I mean.

  19. I don't even mind the hentai. But damn, I really find the age check for owned games annoying as hell.

  20. LOL yeah is does make me laugh. They know my age. I have been logging on with them for years, but I still get asked my age when I try and view some releases in their store. If I have logged on with my password why can't they just check my age from my profile?

  21. You see those games on the front page because you explicitly opted in to see lewd games, pervert. And those lewd games have non-lewd banner and non-lewd screenshots displayed on the front page - you have to go to game's page to see lewd content and, surprise, then it will ask you for your age. My understanding is that it's legal requirement in at least some countries to ask you age verification every time you visit the page with age-restricted content, such as, say, extreme violence.

  22. As I have said a few times, I know what algorithms are 😆 and no I am not actually getting them on my FRONT page. But if you go into the on sale section and then filter by games only, then by lowest price you'll see what I mean.

  23. I've clicked on a shit ton of clears throat risqué content. I've never once been asked my age prior to seeing some 1000 year old preschooler getting railed by some kraken sum-a-bitch.

  24. Yeah, lets annoy hundreds of millions of people worldwide, because some medieval country made some low iq law. And if you dont like this then you just ignorant, nice logic.

  25. Be happy that you get this shit, here in Germany we can't even see them because Steam doesn't want to implement the proper age verification required by law :(

  26. Chicks with dicks is essentially the answer for anyone who scrolled down looking so they didn't have to Google it. Apparently it's the Japanese for hermaphrodite rather than a transsexual, so both sets.

  27. Seriously what is with all the weird porn game recommendations. I have never bought one of these games and have never wanted to buy one of them.

  28. even if your account has your DOB which is less than 18 or the recommended age, you still can choose whatever date you want and log in, it's like when you visit an 18+ site and they ask you if you are 18+.

  29. My account is 18years old. Yet I'm still asked for my age. My fucking account is old enough on its own to buy whatever the fuck it likes lol

  30. Apparently I marked my birthday as the wrong month. Right year, right day, but the month is all wrong. It's stupid that I can't change it.

  31. So, I read on another post some time ago that Steam said that they don't control this, it's the age rating policies or whatever that demands it. They know it sucks but they can't do anything about it sadly.

  32. Steam stopped, I put in the correct date for the longest time and it stopped a while ago. Didn’t even notice till I saw this meme.

  33. Equally annoying with YouTube. Asking for proof that I'm 18+ for watching a video of a bird eating from someone's hand and then showing ads that are basically pornographic

  34. I’d rather be getting futa on the front page than all these trash monster rape RPG maker games that keep appearing.

  35. I was thinking about this just this morning I'm tired of putting my birthday. Just put it in my profile and be done with it already

  36. Man, I've had it all checked to show me any content and I see maybe one porn game make front page a year. I feel like y'all are buying games that have heavy overlap with the hard up crowd and are getting lumped in with them by the algorithm.

  37. Steam only has age verification because theyre required by law. Thank the old ass politicians who used that as a talking point to get elected again.

  38. If they're not allowed to store your age then how come both the Xbox and PlayStation stores can? Genuine question I've never understood.

  39. I really do wish Steam would have a MASSIVE purge on all the shite swilling about and allow us to turn off all this curator and suggestions crap, filtering is a pita!

  40. I love seeing those games. Reminds me that Steam is pretty great game storefront that has something for everyone. Even is that someone is horny.

  41. I own every single version of my stepmom is a futanari. I read allowed every single line from the games on a discord call.

  42. The "Adults only" games for the most part are unrated, so the publisher doesn't enable the age gate as they aren't under contract to do so.

  43. It's funny how these rating agencies think that a mere pop-up confirming your age is enough to discourage kids under 18 to look away as if they were physically unable to choose any year before 2003. it just makes it frustrating and annoying for the 90% of users who are actually over 18. i hate that the internet is so baby proofed, F*CK THEM KIDS.

  44. IKR steam KNOWS im 38, but i need to verify my age every time i go to half the games in their library, i turned that off, yet it still does it

  45. It’s downright dumb. They know my fucking birthdate for fuck’s sake STOP ASKING ME MY AGE IF I WANNA CHECK TF2 IT’S LIKE THE SECOND GAME I EVER GOT

  46. Man, its a shame that Steam is promoting shit like that where there are actual quality porn games on the platform, like Max Gentleman, Sexybusiness.

  47. I always put year 1900 as a mockery even though I am legally allowed to view the content. I wish everybody would do the same to make this "what about the kids" policy as rubbish as it is.

  48. Yea look I was 31 when you asked me yesterday but now im 18, so ill take my sweet new younger more fit body and go. Thanks steam.

  49. After reading through these comments I feel like the only thing left that makes sense for this is the family stuff on your account. Steam has settings built in that allow you to share your account with your family/household (even though most people just give it to close friends.) So if you were store your age it wouldn't account for the other users that use that account. Other platforms it's normally a ban-able offense to share an account, I ASSUME one reason for this is that they ask for age at creation and often can't be changed therefore breaking laws. Steam openly accepts that kids WILL be using accounts that their parents created and therefore are required to ask for the age by law per session. There are much better ways of doing this, but I feel it's more of a catch all.

  50. My dad made me an account 6 years ago since I wasn't old enough at the time. Now Steam thinks I'm 51 playing the Sims 4

  51. My favorite one is Sex with hitter for sure being featured & recommended for me its a steal for 5.5 Euro lol

  52. Thank you. I gifted my best friend my step mom is a futanari 1 2 and 3 because you made me aware of it so I can mess with him. I will gift him my therapist I'd a futanari and my step sis is a futanari at a later date

  53. yes. what the heck steam? I feel that even after my account gets older than 18 years it will still ask me if I , its creator and owner am an adult

  54. When your steam account turns 18 they should let you skip this. It won't happen for a few years for the first accounts, but some will in a couple of years.

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