1. The response from my township was “were not going to send fiber down your road for sand hill cranes and a few dozen houses”

  2. Yep! Sounds familiar. 12 years ago ATT brought fiber into the neighborhood to check a box with politicians. They have refused to tie into it and light it up for 100 houses ever since but on paper they’ve served a rural area. The community looked into forming a coop would cost us 15-25k per lot to pull fiber fiber and thats just infrastructure costs.

  3. I live 3/4 miles down a gravel road. Next house up has cable internet. But my house is over 500’ away and they won’t waste money on a cable for just me. Other houses up the road are basically like in town 50-100’ apart. Such bs.

  4. Yeah, this is my worry about our planned fiber expansion. I live on a small private road with 3 families. I could *easily* see them servicing the other two as they are close to the main road while I am an additional .4 miles down. Why? Because Comcast ran cable to them *WITHOUT THEM EVEN ASKING* while I have been begging for 20 years.

  5. This is my exact situation. They ran a fiber line to my neighbor closer to road but we can’t get cable or fiber and after we inquired about the fiber our DSL got worse.. also, we can’t even pay to have our own fiber ran down the drive because they intentionally skipped connections at the main road for us to ever tie into..

  6. Buddy of mine has the same situation. He had power near the main road though and convinced the ISP to run the fiber just barely on his property and then he used a high speed airlink bridge from ubiquity there. could be an option for you. Good luck

  7. What really needs to happen is, individual neighbourhoods need to form “co-ops” organize, hire an independent contractor, pull whatever permits are needed.

  8. I like your idea. As someone in the ISP world for the past 15 years, the more competition and people building the better.

  9. This is a great reminder to people also waiting on internet rollouts in their area that if they have Starlink pre-order, do NOT cancel your Starlink pre-order until your connection is installed, turned up, and operating. You have 30 days to return Starlink after you get it. ISP's can and will get you all the way through signing contracts just to tell you "oh, actually we can't do it, nvm." or "We can do it, please send $50,000 to pay for us doing our job and running the rest of that line."

  10. Not a judge here in Georgia, but still a Good Ole Boy network. Unfortunately, there is not enough people in this area for them to justify running fiber and I am so over it at this point. I will just wait patiently for my email from SL and start supporting Elon and gang instead of these worthless WindScream SOBs!

  11. Windstream fuken sucks. I'd stay away from them. I trust their services as far as I can pick them up and throw them and if I could throw them I'd throw them in the middle of the ocean and leave them there.

  12. Unfortunately, Windsuck is the only option, they have a monopoly in the sticks where I live. Just hoping my order from SL comes thru soon and the issues with reliability and speed are resolved.

  13. Oh I feel you. Moved here about 3 years ago. Have tried to get fiber to my street since I lived here. Trust me I've tried everything. I live a little bit outside of the nearest town (about 3 km) in an area where many families have their houses. On the other side of the town in the north is where all the summer houses are. The dude who is in charge here made a deal with a fiber company and layed the fiber to the summer places instead to us who are permanently living here and need it way more. I got really pissed because I've tried everything and they just don't give a damn about me. There is one person who has tried for 15 years now to get fiber here. AND THE WORST THING IS THAT THERE WAS A COMPANY WHO WANTED TO LAY FIBER EVERYWHERE but the other company was cheaper so they gave them the money.... Sometimes I really wonder why I'm paying taxes anymore.... Also if you go like 1 km further in the street there is fiber so they just skipped our area... But now they want to apply fundings for our area in September. But I first believe it until I see them installing the modem in my house. Until then I'll have to survive with my shitty 4g. At least starlink is now available here. It sucks a lot because where I lived before I had 500 meg fiber and now I need to use shitty lte...

  14. Here in KY I had Windstream DSL for at least 20 years. 3Mb max and had to reset modem after every rain storm and every 3 days just for good measure. It sure felt good to disconnect from them when we got Star link.

  15. I have no idea if they will ever have fiber in my town of 495 people. The providers that are here are junk so I never had it installed. SL has changed that. 😁

  16. It is unfortunate that I have a 144 pair of fibre running down my road past my subdivision. I was told $100k to connect and $10k per house for the potential of getting DSL from windstream. They can’t keep my telephone line working so I know they will have issues keeping a 1 Mbps DSL online. Yes 1 Mbps is all they would offer.

  17. Same here. CenturyLink (now Lumen) pulled fiber to a pedistal 200 feet from my front door. I inquired about hookup. They stated that the fiber was only going to be used to bring DSL to copper-line users further out into the countryside. They said that they wouldn't bring me fiber for at least another 10 years. Scrw them. I ordered, received and installed StarLink. 20x faster than my DSL. CenturyLink (Lumen)? Never again.

  18. Wow, a lot of sad stories about fiber, I guess my local telecom company is better though I never liked them before for DSL. I live near Torrey, Utah, pop 240. South Central have run fiber down pretty much every populated street in the county (pop 2500). I called and asked about it but didn't sign up, got back from a trip to find they had dug up my (dirt) drive and laid fiber to the house from the street! I decided to stick with Starlink since I travel in my RV for many months of the year and it's working out great.

  19. Yeah broadband is a shitshow. Vermont is mostly going with volunteer-run communication union districts (CUDs) to get service to rural areas. Sucks that there isn't a more coordinated effort, but at least the state is providing funding instead of wasting our tax dollars on the incumbent providers who've been screwing us thus far.

  20. Same here…. CenturyLink had been ripping me off with dial up speed for 20 years. 4 years ago they ran fiber to a summer camp down the street but no access for us. I know have Starlink and it perfect. I wish there was a class action lawsuit

  21. No Windstream here, but my county was finally approved for a grant in partnership with a smaller regional ISP to run fiber to all of the unwired properties in the county. Total bill is something like $60 Million to connect the last 8000+ addresses. Of that $27 Million is a passthru from the Feds -> State -> County -> ISP. The ISP is putting up the rest of the money and will own the infrastructure.

  22. Windstream came out to our new retirement home and told me the best they could get me was 1.5 (virtually nonexistent ) not even enough to get my email! We used my att cell and could watch up to 40gigs which equals 40 hours which would not work for us. The real kicker is just across the road behind us, all 5 acre lots so it’s a larger than most blocks is the Ranches of Sonterra which does have windsteams premium service and they told me they don’t run their lines like that they have to come come hwy 48! Starlink saved us and we are very happy with their service!

  23. Yeah Windstream got me good. I dug very deep with HR to speak directly to an engineer working an area that I was planning on buying some land to build on. A must was that I had internet to work. He assured me the parcel in reference had the ability to run fiber as its literally at their main run on a rural highway.

  24. Saw a truck running fiber last year on my road I was excited stopped and asked how far they were going they said they are only going about 300ft on my road and they won't bring it down the mile to the house I'm at 🙄😒😒

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