1. Good for you , congrats. I really needed starlink. No cell no dsl and only xplornet sat aka wild blue in the US. It sucked ass. I am.one that needs starlink and not trying to dump some 2nd rate fiber, cable or 5g service. I really have 0g service

  2. So just buy it for an available address. Have it shipped to your address. And cancel your preorder. You'll have to pay an extra $25 for portability but it's well worth the extra.

  3. I have CenturyLink in the Willamette Valley area and my speeds on DSL are almost identical. In the evenings it often drops to a few hundred kbps and the latency hits 1.5 seconds from 4pm to close to 2am. It's not cheap either; at $100 a month.

  4. The longer you wait, the greater your chances are of becoming another victim to a dish that gets ran over or the cable gets chewed by whatever varmint that has a taste for wires. You'll say it won't happen, just like all the others before you that said the same, then the inevitable happened.

  5. I get it, but some of us would’ve taken 4.5Mbs. I was getting between 80 to 100 KBPS…. now I can actually load web pages on the browser.

  6. So today I ran 5s of outages instead of over 6-7 minutes per 12 hours like a month ago. They've been doing some work! And my speeds are back up averaging over 50/3. Guess constellation density matters a -ton-.

  7. Those thumbnails look like trash, if you click on the photo it's not so bad. But I wasn't going for high quality, just walked out on the porch and snapped a photo, didn't even clean the lense. It's too hot for aesthetics. 😉

  8. Yeah what's up with that? Mine is worse than my old Windstream half the time now. Can't get through a full episode of an HD stream without quality loss.

  9. My upload is 5mps and 4 download. I have been waiting since February 2021 and was changed from 2021 to mid 2022. It's mid 2022 and still no dish???? Still waiting???

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