1. Yes, purely because we learn more about the ancients. I think it had a great deal of promise and was sad when it was cancelled.

  2. I liked the first season, but it's problem is, I think, that it's a pretty wild tonal shift from SG1 and SGA. SGU was more in tune with the Battlestar Galactica reboot, kind of gritty and miserable, while existing in a world with SG1's sometimes outright goofy established lore base. Simply put, SG1/SGA are fun space adventures. SGU wasn't really fun at all(but still compelling).

  3. I enjoy it. I think it was ahead of it's time for when it was released. And if it were released today, it would have done much better. I'm just now going through another rewatch of universe.

  4. Whoever said it wasn’t good is entitled to their opinion however I couldn’t disagree more. SGU is a great series considering it only received 2 seasons. It had such great potential and even the 2 seasons themselves offer a deeper look in the Stargate Universe as a whole while simultaneously learning more about the Ancients and their culture. If I were you mate I’d watch it and decide for myself. To each his own, but in my opinion your sorely missing out on a great opportunity. Either way cheers

  5. Absolutely, it has a different style than sg1 and Atlantis but it's still an enjoyable show. Some of the acting is a bit cringey, but some of the acting is incredible. It's only 2 seasons, so it won't take you long to get through

  6. There is too much interpersonal drama and sex in the first bit, but it's so worth sticking with it. It figured itself out way faster than the other two shows and it's a real shame it didn't get more seasons.

  7. To summarize everything people might say about it in very short form: It's a very clear, sudden and deliberate attempt to try something new that backfired horribly for most of the Fanbase and was a revelation to a minority.

  8. Give it 5 episodes. If you're not sold by then, you probably won't enjoy anything that comes after. If you're sold by the 5th episode, it only gets better from there. Remember, this is more sci-fi drama than sci-fi adventure. The stargate is used to gather resources rather than to meet the village of the week. Give the opening episodes a shot. There's the 3-part premiere that's a bit slow and then a 2-parter that sets the tone for what the rest of the show will be like.

  9. Yes, not just because it's rather good but also because you'll need to have watched it if the new series pitch by Brad Wright and Joseph mallozzi work out. The new series would be a proper ending of universe and a continuation into the new series.

  10. Um, that new series is gonna flop if it relies heavily on people having watched Universe. There might be references to it but it'll be easy enough to follow without having seen it. Because too many people haven't seen it.

  11. It's not that it's bad, but it is different, and lots of people just want the same old thing. We recently watched the whole thing, and it is good IMO.

  12. Yes, and watch it all the way through. It really hits its stride later on, although I also think the earlier stuff is also fairly enjoyable.

  13. I love sga, but I can understand the dislike. It's really campy and corny. It's the opposite flow of ST original series and TnG. TOS was super campy and silly, then tng was more grounded and based. People tend to like tng more. Well sg1 was based and well made, then sga came and it felt like a parody.

  14. It's not very good. They use a lot of shaky cam and the story is more driven by flawed character drama than anything else.

  15. So many intensely unlikable people crammed together on a ship and despite being heavily reliant on each other, they can't do anything but be petty.

  16. I loved it. I was really bummed when it got cut short, but it was still 100% worth it. I liked the darker tone and the characters quite a bit.

  17. It's not bad. It's different - It's much more of a character-driven drama, rather than action with sprinkles of comedy. It feels more mature in a sense. You should not go into it expecting another series like SG1 and SGA though.

  18. Absolutely worth it. It aligns with the current gritty style of syfy (hence it’s hate back then as it was ahead of it’s time) and it’s additional lore into the history of the Ancients is delectable.

  19. I loved it, definitely a more Battlestar Galactica-y feel set in the Stargate world which for me was a good thing. It's a pretty polarizing show, but (hot take maybe?) Most people that "hate" it feel that way because SGA ended for it

  20. Listen I hated it when it first aired, and yes season 1 is still pretty weak, but towards the end of season 1 it starts getting heaps better and by the end of season 2 I’m always annoyed it’s not continuing lol

  21. If you can handle a very serious tone change from the previous shows and the fact that a lot of the main characters are intensely unlikeable (on purpose, I mean) it might be worth it for you. I personally hated it. A Lot.

  22. It is so good. Really, it has a very different tone and feel than the other two shows. This is more akin to BattleStar Galactica.

  23. It really doesn't take that long to watch. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it as much as SG1, but it was certainly solid. Watch a few episodes and see if you like it. It costs a couple hours of your lifespan.

  24. I'd watch it, I didn't much enjoy it at first and stayed simply as Stargate but it does pick up in the 2nd season and I enjoy both seasons now, tbf I found that with Atlantis too. I think people get hung up on spin offs wanting what it to be the same as the main show they loved and so consider it inferior until they find the part where they start to enjoy the spinoff for what it actually is

  25. Full disclosure, if you can't get through "Light" then no, but if you make it through that episode then you should grow to love the rest of the series. Season 2 is genuinely amazing and the revelation of Destiny's mission is incredible.

  26. Yes you should and for one very important reason. You will not know if you like it if you don't give it a shot. Personally it wasn't for me for a number of reasons but had I not watched I would only have word of mouth to go by.

  27. It's my personal favorite! Doesnt have anywhere near the rewatchability of Sg-1 though. Excellent show, just takes a little while to get going. Season 2 is some of the best TV ive ever seen.

  28. It's different. I wouldn't say it's not good. But after 3 seasons (Right after you finaly get a hold on what the characters are actually like) their budget got cut and it leaves off on a 'desolation of smoug' esk cliffhanger. It also seems a bit preachy at times. (They are basically looking for the voice of God. Whitenoise that predates the big bang and is present in all of space)

  29. It's definitely worth a watch. Honestly, it's not even that bad. It's just that they gave it a dark and gritty reboot at the height of dark and gritty reboots. And a lot of fans, myself included, didn't like it at first because it seemed like they were going against what Stargate was all about. But it grew on me and it is now part of my yearly watch of the entire Stargate franchise.

  30. You heard wrong. It's a great show. Some people whine about it because it's not exactly the same show as SG1... Apparently some folks can't handle change.

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